Support for a greyhound rescue in Queensland Australia has lead to a change in the law stating that theyhave to be muzzled in public. From July 2009 rescued greyhounds in Queensland will be able to walk their dogs without a muzzle 🙂

Queensland Times: “As the proud owner of greyhounds Goldie and Leo, Booval resident Kirsty O’Brien is looking forward to the day she can take her pets out in public without a muzzle. The Greyhound Adoption Program of Queensland (GAP) co-ordinator has welcomed the abolishing of mandatory muzzling for GAP greyhounds in public.

The changes became official through the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, which was passed in State Parliament on December 3, with the changes to roll out across the State starting in south-east Queensland. From July 1 next year, Ipswich owners will be able to enjoy walking their GAP dogs without a muzzle.

“The ability to have our dogs out in public unmuzzled means people won’t be frightened of our dogs in the street and won’t have a false impression that they are aggressive or snappy dogs,” Ms O’Brien said.

“We’ve been working on it for years.

“The moment a lot of people see the muzzle they cross the road or assume the dog has been declared dangerous.

“It makes it hard to win new fans with the dogs in muzzles.”

Ms O’Brien said the dogs were friendly, sociable dogs who really lacked the guarding instinct and loved lazing around.

“Ipswich has a huge racing community and the dogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets,” she said.

“A lot of people assume the worst about the greyhound and it has been a big process to convince people as to the true nature of the breed.”

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