Fenbank Greyhound Sanctuary

Fenbank Greyhound Sanctuary

“Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary, near Skegness in South Lincolnshire, was established in December, 1997 by Sandra Miller. The Sanctuary, which obtained independent registered charity status in 1998, was designed and built by Shaun Hooker and provides comfortable and spacious accommodation for 28 dogs. Each pair of dogs have a warm kennel, their own run, and in addition there are two large galloping paddocks for free exercise.” LINK

Lincoln RGT

Lincoln RGT

“Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust (LGT) is an independent registered charity 1103656 rehoming greyhounds in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. The charity was set up to promote the qualities of retired racing Greyhounds and to help find them good homes as pets.” LINK

Nottingham RGT

Nottingham RGT

“This branch was set up by Kathryn and Robert Hallam in 1999, and has found homes for over 400 dogs so far. It works to find homes for greyhounds retiring from local trainers, and pays to keep some dogs in kennels while homes are found. The branch holds fundraising and social events to help dogs and spread the word about what wonderful companions they are. All the income from these events, and from donations, is spent directly on home-finding, kennelling and veterinary care.” LINK


“The Ark was established in 1981, by Mrs Pauline Rice, with goats, sheep and a few dogs and cats. Over the past 27 years, Pauline, along with a dedicated band of helpers, has changed the lives of so many animals for the better.” LINK

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