“Around the Hounds” enables rescues to show off their dog of the month. These may be dogs which have been waiting a long time for a home, or those which have more specific homing requirements.

Why not browse these extra special dogs, there could be the perfect dog for you right here 🙂


Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue

Faizal is a red/fawn Saluki Greyhound cross, but predominantly Saluki.
He is a wonderful, good natured, boisterous big boy, standing 27″ tall and about 16 months old. He was rescued from a working farm in
County Durham
in June where he lived in appalling conditions. He came to us through an acquaintance in the area. At that time he was in a poor state and only about 12 months old. He had severe skin problems, open sores, bald patches on his stomach and legs, was not house trained and had severe separation anxiety.

He has settled into his foster home surprisingly well over the past six months considering his background. His sores have healed, his hair is growing in well, his skin problems have cleared in response to a low protein, hypo allergenic diet and veterinary attention, and he has had all appropriate injections. He is also wormed and neutered. He has been house trained but still has some separation anxiety. Although now he can easily be left home alone for periods of time such as an afternoon or for an evening meal out.

To read more about FAIZAL please use this LINK


Give a greyhound a home
Give a greyhound a home

Rab:Give a greyhound a home

Rab is a lovely 6 yr old gentleman, currently living with a foster family at the moment with a female greyhound and children. He has adapted quite quickly to this busy household.. He is a shy, maybe even nervous boy but once he knows you’re not going to hurt him, he just wants to love you. He has been spotless in his foster home and settled very quickly to domestic life.
Use the link below to find out more about Rab

Give a greyhound a home

Poppy: Give a greyhound a home

The sweetest natured 6yr old greyhound girl you could ever meet. Poppy came to us with over 100 live fleas eating her alive, underweight, and rotting, painful tooth decay, despite all this, she wagged her tail the minute she got here.

She is fantastic on the lead , rarely leaves your side and walks like an absolute angel. She has been spotless in her kennel. She is now ‘flea-free’ and got 5 rotting teeth removed during her dental.

Use the link below to find out more about Poppy



Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

TOFFEE is a little whippet x, possibly with a bit of Saluki, he’s between 4&5 years old, he has been in kennels since May after being found wandering as a stray, he’s a loving delightful wee chap and really needs a home to call his own.

He is spotlessly clean in his kennel, loves his big cushion bed and duvet, only barks in his kennel if a dog is standing outside it otherwise you don’t know he is there, he plays around on his lead when you’re walking with him, he enjoys being out. He’s a bit choosy with his food but eats it if you mix a wee taster through it, he is fine with adults and children, he barks at other dogs when he is on the lead but I think with some training that could be corrected.

He has been neutered and microchipped. To read more about Toffee please use this LINK



Greyhound Rescue North East

KISH is a 2 year old blue-brindle greyhound bitch.

Kish is a very happy girl who can’t wait to find a family for herself. Loves people, loves life.

Currently in small kennels inYorkshire she enjoys all of the countryside smells and scenery…well as long as it moves. She is quite a strong girl while out walking but I have put this down to lots of smells and distractions (deer, hare and rabbits). Kish is very clean in her kennel and keeps her bed and tennis balls in order. She loves food in fact any food, she will give a go. The pack that she walks with are Jeanie who is also up for rehoming, Alfie and Boo who are 1 year old Greyhounds, a 16 year old lurcher and a blind 17 year old Xbreed.

This girl is desperate for a home and will reward anyone who takes her on.

To read more about KISH use this LINK

KANE is a 4 year old black male greyhound who has been overlooked for far too long at his kennels.

My racing days are behind me now and I am looking for a nice sofa to relax on and boy do I like to relax.

Since coming into kennels, I have chilled out a lot. Once my breakfast and walk is over, I just love to laze on my bed. I do get up on special occasions just to see who is around and see if there are any free treats being passsed around.

To read more about KANE please use this LINK

Greyhounds Galore
TAFF is a Hancock lurcher (labrador cross) He is two years old. Taff loves to travel in the car, is good with children and other dogs – an all round smasher. Taff going to be put to sleep because he had a fit. We took him in and he is on epilepsy tablets that control his condition. He leads a normal life and gets on very well with dogs and people. He needs a family with someone around most of the time. We will cover the cost of his tablets for his new family.
To find out more about TAFF please use this link: http://www.greyhoundsgalore.org.uk
Stray Action for Dogs: Arnold 2 year old greyhound



Arnold has a lovely nature and is a steady greyhound dog of 2 years old.
Click on the link below to find out more about Arnold
Stray Aid
Nico is at Stray Aid, www.strayaid.co.uk. He is 3 years old and has a fantastic temperament. He is good with other dogs. He was picked up as a stray, very underweight but otherwise well. He is fully vaccinated, de-flead, wormed, neutered and microchipped. He needs a loving home where he can be built him up and for someone to give him lots of care and attention.
Lincolnshire RGT
Lincolnshire RGT

Tanya: Lincolnshire RGT

She has been with us since 12 April this year and is 5 years old.
Tanya is a friendly girl who walks well on a lead and is always clean in her kennel. She gets on very well with small children and would be alright to be left for reasonable lengths of time.
Click on the link to find out more about Tanya
Nottingham RGT


LAURA is 2 years old and has retired from racing very early. She is a confident girl who is very affectionate.She loves to be around people, enjoys fuss and especially treats which will help when it comes to training. When out walking she likes to explore as much as possible; being so young everything is new and exciting. Laura is a very fun, playful girl who will make a great pet.

To find out more about LAURA use this link: http://www.rgtnottingham.org.uk/month.htm

Ark Animal Rescue
JIM is a 4 year old male lurcher who has had a broken right leg which has been pinned and plated by the PDSA.
Poor Jim, or Bionic Jim as he’s now known, has been in a lot of pain with his leg but is very patient and has shown no aggression. He’s weight-bearing now, but his leg does still get sore from time to time. He’s shortly to start some hydrotherapy sessions to help build up his muscles again, kindly donated for free. He’s house-trained and can be left for some hours. This lovely dog is a great all-rounder and will make the perfect family pet. We all love him and would love to keep him but he’s ready for and deserves a loving home now.
For more information about Jim please use this LINK
Fenbank Greyhound Sanctuary
A wonderful pair who have made it perfectly clear that they ARE married and when we homed Buster, Breezey went to pieces and Buster got nasty and had to come back! Their reunion was a sight to behold- so we are going to do what they want and home them together! Buster is a strikingly handsome brindle and Breezey a winsome black girl, both are 4 both are good with other breeds and need a home together!
For more information on this pair see the website: LINK
Evesham greyhound and lurcher rescue
Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Scruffy: Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

This is Scruffy who has come into rescue in a terrible state. As you can see from the pictures, he has suffered horrific neck injuries and has also sustained horrendous injuries to his ears – both of them completely ripped and both have haematomas in them.
Click on the link below to find out more about poor Scruffy
Greyhound rescue west of England

POPEYE is a rather gorgeous Saluki x Greyhound that has come to us to find a new home.

Popeye is about 12 – 18mnths old and he is a lively boy who would love an active home, he is strikingly gorgeous and full of fun and ready to play.

** Popeye is currently in a foster home along with Ernie a n.male lurcher, floss the teeny JRT x and 3 yr old Jamie and his two older sisters! **

To find out more about POPEYE use this link: http://www.grwe.com/homingWelfare_dogsForHoming.asp

Wimbledon Greyhound Rescue
WILLIAM Sweet William has been with us for about one and a half years now. Having cared for him during this time, we have found him to be beautifully natured and loving, and the kind of boy who thrives on affection. He’s lovely with his girlfriends – and believe you me, he has seen a fair number come and go over the past 18 months. He enjoys his walks, and is well socialised with other breeds of dog. William’s biggest issue is that he can be over anxious about life in general, and doesn’t ‘sell’ himself to prospective homers who come to meet him. William needs an experienced ‘doggy’ home where he will be given the time and space to chill out and come to realise that there is nothing to worry about. It would be ideal if he had another dog already in the home to help show him the ropes. Give him the chance, and we’re sure you’ll never regret it.
To read more about WILLIAM please use this link: http://www.hershamhounds.org/

Southern Lurcher Rescue
MILO had a very loving home and at just 8 months old his owner had to make a heartbreaking decision to re-home him. Milo has taken a dislike to their 2 year old son, who they think has definitely done something to Milo which has meant that he is now snapping at him, and has now bitten, only just breaking the skin though. They also have a 5 year old son and Milo was fine with him.Milo is very playful and very loving.
Only around 24 inches at the shoulder but still growing. His eyes are piercing and his tail doesn’t stop wagging. Part Deerhound, Part Collie and Part Greyhound, he is white and brindle and just about rough coated.
He is neutered, fully vaccinated, wormed and de-flead and in lovely condition, a credit to his relinquishing owner. No children under the age of 5 as he has a memory of something bad happening, and no-one who works please. Someone around most of the time.
To find out more about MILO use this LINK
Dog Action Welfare Group Bristol: Magoo Greyhound


Gentle giant Magoo really is just that. He is one of the largest greyhounds we have ever seen and yet he has the most gentle, calm and loving nature anyone could wish for.

Magoo is a two year old failed racer and is a sociable and loving dog. He shares his kennel with female greyhounds and doesn’t seem to have a problem with males either.

Magoo would fit in well with most family situations and his calm nature makes him suitable to live with children.

As with most big black greyhounds Magoo is often overlooked at the sanctuary and now really deserves his own home.

Click here to read more about MAGOO


Pound Puppy Rescue (Dorset): Dennis Deerhound X


Dennis the Deerhound cross is vaccinated and neutered and has lived in peace with a cat and another dog.
Click on the link to find out more about Dennis
The Greyhound Sanctuary
This is SKY, he is just about 2 years old and still a big, rather silly but really loveable baby! He is very loving, wants to be with you, loves to play and loves his food and walks but does need to learn some manners! He can come across as a bit ‘in your face’ but that is just in kennels as he does not get as much contact as I would like. Sky will make a lovely companion and give someone a lot of fun and laughs.
To read more about SKY please use this LINK
Greyhound and Lurcher Welfare and Rescue

Here is what GLWR have to say about him:

Prince is a lovely young lad who is desperate for a happy loving home to call his own. He is no more than about 18 months old, and has previously lived in a home with an elderly couple. They placed him into rescue when they could no longer exercise him, and it is likely that Prince will be either already housetrained or easily trainable. Prince is a good-natured young lurcher, he is highly intellegent and should be very trainable.

He is an energetic young dog who loves his play and exercise and would suit an outdoorsy type of family. Prince would like to be the only dog in the family and would suit a household with children over the age of 10. He will make a loving, loyal companion and promises to be loads of fun for the right family.

Prince would benefit greatly from further training and socialisation and shows a lot of promise for the future. He has a lot of potential and is looking for the right family to bring this out in him.

Prince has a lot of love to give and is only waiting for the right people to come along and give him a home.”

Are you able to offer a firm but loving home to this deserving boy?

For more information about Prince, please email us at rehoming@glwr.org.uk or phone us on 01249 890178 or 07931 834283. LINK



Greyhound Welfare

LUCY is a sweet and lively 4 year old greyhound girl. To enquire about Lucy please phone 01633 892846 or use this LINK

The Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary: Banin


“Banin has been at this sanctuary a long time now, but with good reason. She arrived here absolutely terrified of people, and would literally tremble from head to toe to tailtip once eye contact was made or if a person was within 10 feet of her. Any closer, and she would push herself up against the wall or try to climb it. Little by little, Banin has improved dramatically, and nowadays is only a little shy around new people, though with some new people she can be unusually receptive. She gets along with all other dogs here, but in the past tended to bully and “hunt” smaller greyhounds who acted too submissive. This habit seems to be fading, and a recent accidental mixing with a group that had a submissive whippet in it had no negative consequences.Banin is a particularly beautiful little lady, and seeks a quiet home and confident, reassuring owner with perhaps a playful friendly male or female greyhound for companionship. She is a very sensitive and intelligent girl, and is quite ready for someone to give her the love and permanent home she deserves.”
To enquire about Banin please use the following LINK
Kerry Greyhound Connection
HANK is a loving, black boy, who just wants lots of cuddles and strokes.
Hank really loves being groomed, and likes all visitors to his foster home – including children. He walks really well on the lead, not pulling at all, and also enjoys travelling in the car.
A budding thief, Hank does steal things – not to chew, but just to take them on the grass – shoes, clothes, the water bowl (complete with water!)
He has excellent recall, and just loves to play like a great big puppy.
Currently in foster car in Norfolk.
Contact: jill@kerrygreyhounds.co.uk
Tel: 075000 62648

West Cork Animal Welfare Group
Boy is a very special neutered male lurcher approx 2 yrs old. He has been with us for almost a year and it has taken several months to gain his trust enough for us to be able handle him. Boy was found, very thin and neglected in a field near Clonakilty in West Cork, Ireland. It took a while feeding him regularly to be able to catch him and bring him to our rescue centre. Once he was with us he got on well with the other dogs but was very nervous of letting any human near him, we can only assume he’d had a very bad experience with people. He is very good now with people he knows but still a little timid with new people. We would love to find him a home where he can continue to gain confidence with people. He is a very noble, graceful dog who is looking for a quiet, calm home with perhaps older children. As he gets on so well with other dogs it would probably help him to go to a home where he would have another dog for company.
To find out more about BOY use this LINK

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  1. Stud.art Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Says:

    Hello. Your new website will make all the diffrence in the world of sighthounds. I will try to be of help in the future. However my organisation is very small and we have only existed since 2006. I started Greyhound Action Denmark after I had adopted a purebred ex racing greyhound. Of Irish decent. Connor was born in castil Leon Spain October 4 2003 and will thus be five years old in October. He is a deeply loved family member and because of what he was subjected to it has become my mission in life to help greyhounds where ever they are in troubel and need help.I help by alerting people to the plight of racing greyhounds and do my very best to try and interrest people in adopting a greyhound or other sighthounds as they make ideal family members.If all of us do our best to help sighthounds in need this world will be the better for it. So best wishes from Stud.art Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Greyhound Action Denmark.

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