Urgent appeals from rescues and for individual dogs will be shown here. Please look regularly as it will be updated as soon as appeals for help come in.

If you can help with any of the appeals, please either contact us at action4sighthounds@gmail.com OR if the appeal contains contact information please contact them directly.


4th DECEMBER 2008



On January 1st A.S.A.P will open their own rescue kennels as the Bristol branch of Cork Dog Action Welfare Group.

To get our rescue centre ready we desperatley need large dog beds, bedding/blankets, collars/leads, toys, large dog bowls, greyhound coats and muzzles.

Bristol DAWG as we will be known have already booked four gorgeous greyhound girls to join us in the new year and we really want to have the kennels ready for their arrival. Please take a look at our rescue website www.southwestdawg.wordpress.com


If you have anything to donate please contact us for our address;

email us at action4sighthounds@gmail.com


24th OCTOBER 2008


Greyhound Rescue West of England have asked us to put out an appeal for one of their latest arrivals, a lurcher named Leggit. He was found as a stray and has a broken back. His veterinary treatment is likely to cost at least £2,000 and so GRWE desperatley need donations to help pay for his treatment, so that he can start living the life he deserves. Please see their news on Leggit below:

“Last week GRWE took in a lurcher from a Dog Warden, who had been handed in as a stray. It was immediately apparent that there was something wrong with the dogs back, as the dog had a strange gait and deformity. We called the lurcher Leggit, and organised for him to go in for an x-ray on his back straight away.

The x-ray immediately revealed that the lurchers back was broken. Leggit was on the table under anaesthetic when the vet rang to tell us what he had found. The vet said it was possible to operate, but Leggit will need a big op involving metal plates and of course a huge amount of aftercare. The vet wanted to know whether we wished him to operate or put Leggit to sleep whilst he was under the anaesthetic, as the op would cost £2,000

Leggit is only a young dog and has his whole life ahead of him. From talking to the vet, the operation has been performed before, and has been done with some success, so of course we elected to give Leggit the chance. So he has had his operation and all appears to be going well with his recupperation so far.

Leggit is currently in a foster home and is has a long way to go with a lot of physio in front of him. But he is a young strong dog who deserves a chance. We have do idea what has happened to him to cause this horrific injury, but he vet estimates that it is at least 6 weeks old. It doesn’t even bear thinking about how much pain Leggit must have been in when this happened, and of course after 6 weeks the healing process would have already begun.

We at GRWE are so glad that Leggit is safe now, and is on the road to recovery and a new life. We will of course keep you updated with Leggit’s progress and his rehabillitation programme.”

Please see GRWE’s website for full details of Leggits appeal: LINK

To donate towards brave Leggits treatment please see GRWE’s donation page: LINK



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