Southern Lurcher Rescue

Southern Lurcher Rescue

“Southern Lurcher Rescue is a small UK voluntary organisation based in the South, dedicated to the work of rehoming unwanted lurchers mainly given up from home environments.” LINK

Oxford RGT

Oxford RGT

“The Oxford Owners Association (RGT) have taken on the task of making sure that every greyhound that retires from the Oxford track and cannot be homed by it’s owner is found a loving home”. LINK

Greyhounds For You

Greyhounds For You

“Greyhounds For You is a UK-based voluntary organisation dedicated to the work of rescuing and homing retired greyhounds. These are greyhounds that have finished racing, or have declined to race.” LINK

Greyhounds In Need

Greyhounds In Need

“We are an English registered charity founded by Anne and Arthur Finch, concerned with the plight of greyhounds everywhere, and especially in Spain, where most of our work is done.” LINK


“Binfield Dog Rescue has been finding homes for unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs since 1966. Dogs stay in our kennels until they find a home and we pride ourselves on the fact that eventually they do find a suitable home.” LINK

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