To find your nearest rescue which rehomes sighthounds please click on the links below for your region. Those below rehome all types of sighthounds, but mainly greyhounds and lurchers. Please look in the “Breed Rescue” section for specific sighthound breeds.


North England

East Midlands

West Midlands

East England

South East

South England

South West


Ireland and Northern Ireland

Channel Islands


In 1995, we read an article in a newspaper on the plight of racing greyhounds after their racing days were over. This prompted us to take on our first greyhound, a 6 year old male. Chappie arrived on 4th July and after 3 baths, we discovered he was white and brindle! Having raced the length and breadth of the UK, he so deserved a happy retirement. Tragically, it was short lived and at the age of 7 he was diagnosed with a calcification of thespine and we had to put him to sleep. Having discovered that 10,000 greyhounds like Chappie needed homes each year, when approached by the national organiser of the Retired Greyhound Trust to establish a local Rescue Centre here in Jersey, it seemed the obvious path to follow. We are currently celebrating our 12th Anniversary having homed 120 dogs here in Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Alderney. LINK


Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

“Welcome to the UK Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust website. We aim to provide loving homes for Wolfhounds whose owners can no longer keep them. This organisation is based in mainland UK and offers its service to hounds and owners resident in England, Scotland and Wales.” LINK


Part of the Afghan Lovers Breed Club: LINK


Contact the Deerhound Breed Club LINK


Contact the Borzoi Club LINK


“In 1993 The Saluki Welfare Fund gained Charity status. It’s main object is primarily to care for the ever increasing number of Salukis that require re-homing. As well as the Charity’s own fundraising activities both Clubs help to raise funds.” LINK

Italian Greyhound Rescue

Italian Greyhound Rescue

“To relieve the suffering of Italian Greyhounds in need of care and attention, including those who find themselves in difficulties due to a change in their owners circumstances. Throughout the UK we provide foster and adoption homes for pedigree and cross bred Italian Greyhounds, maintaining lifelong contact with every re-homed dog.” LINK

JR Whippet Rescue

JR Whippet Rescue

“J R Whippet Rescue was founded in 1971 by Mrs Joanna Russell (hence J R) when she realised that there was a need to re-home abandoned purebread Whippets. A mention in her breed note column in “Dog World” resulted in donations being made to help with the task. To this day the Rescue is supported by the hard work, dedication and generosity of Whippet lovers who give their time and frequently their money in a voluntary capacity.” LINK

Sloughi Rescue

Sloughi Rescue

“Our aim is to promote any Sloughis in rescue in the UK, the US and Europe, as well as give you the full UK rescue sloughi story, our own rehomed stories and reunions. We also aim to promote sighthound rescue.” LINK


Ibizan Hound Rescue is a sub-society of PAWS-PATAS, Los Gallardos, Almeria. PAWS is a long established small, privately run charity which endeavours to help, treat, rehabilitate and re-home stray dogs from the province of Almeria in Southern Spain. Recently PAWS has found itself trying to deal with more and more Ibizan Hounds (Podenco Ibicenco) and Andalucian Hounds (Podenco Andaluz), including Podenco Lurcher cross breeds and recognised a need to broaden the homing possibilities of these wonderfully unique dogs. As a result, and with the expert help of Jenny Startup in UK, the Ibizan Hound Rescue website was born. LINK



“A rescue for the Galgo Espanol (Galgo) and Podnecos. PRO-GALGO was founded in 1999 by Mo Swatek, swiss sighthound lover who wanted to help after hearing about the hanging of the galgos. She persuaded her spanish husband to move to Spain to be able to work more efficient for the hounds. Her language skills made it possible to post the news about the hounds all over the world.” LINK


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