Here you will find a host of videos about sighthound welfare, particularly the issues surrounding greyhound racing.


On the Line: Cradle to Grave (two parts)

Using undercover tactics, journalists investigate cruelty in greyhound racing in both the UK and Ireland. All essential aspects of the greyhound racing industry such as over breeding, training with live bait, staggering injury figures, doping, vivisection and export to Spain are brilliantly portrayed in this award winning documentary. Seven people were convicted of animal cruelty as a result of the investigation.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Gone to the Dogs (three parts)

Paul Kenyon reveals the dark side of greyhound racing and exposes a world of race fixing and dog doping. Presenter infiltrated the greyhound racing world by posing as an owner and trainer. The undercover investigation found a trainer at one of London’s top tracks who fixes races and a man selling drugs for dogs at tracks throughout northern England.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Greyt Exploitations

Exposing the cruelty of the greyhound racing industry.

Greyhound Racing Accidents

Greyhound racing accidents in the UK taken from Compiled by The International Society Against Exploitation of Racing Animals (ISAERA).

Help greyhounds make their change

Thousands of greyhounds “retire” from racing every year in the UK alone, only a tiny percentage get rehomed. Help greyhounds to make their change…stop the cruelty…stop greyhound racing…adopt a greyhound.

Walthamstow dogs to close?

Giles Brandreth on the proposed sale of Walthamstow Stadium to housing developers. With successful dog tracks in places like Peterborough, and a new greyhound venue being built in Swindon is the closure down to lack of profit, or easy profit if sold to housing developers? From The One Show on BBC One (22 May 08)

Yes on Three: Greyhound Protection Act

Dogs play in important role in our lives and deserve to be protected. But at Massachusetts racetracks, thousands of dogs are treated in a way that is cruel and inhumane. You can help end this cruelty. On Nov. 4, Massachusetts citizens can help thousands of dogs by voting YES on 3.

Documented cruelty at Massachusetts dog tracks

At Massachusetts greyhound racetracks, thousands of dogs endure lives of terrible confinement and many suffer serious injuries. This cruelty is documented by Wonderland Greyhound Park and Raynham Park’s own records, photographs and video footage.

SPANISH SIGHTHOUNDS (galgos and podencos)

Galgo Holocuast

PRO-GALGO awareness video of the galgo holocaust that occurs in Spain every year

Guapo: a brave galgo from a cruel world

PRO-GALGO awareness video

Holidays: Not in Spain

Why you should not go to Spain for a holiday.

SOS Galgos

Spanish video about the cruelty to galgos. You dont need to understand Spanish to understand what the video is saying 😦


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