There are many wonderful resources on the internet about various aspects of sighthound welfare, including greyhound racing, cruelty in Spain and the greyhound and lurcher problem in Ireland. Below are links to various organisations which give such valuable information.


For decades greyhound racing has been a popular British sport and is viewed by many as very respectable. Until the last decade or so few racing enthusiasts or memebrs of the public in general, thought about the fate of dogs which “retired” from racing, or didn’t make the grade. Recently however, thanks to huge campaign efforts by many welfare groups, and rescue efforts by wonderful greyhound rescues, public opinion is finally changing. In the last few years in particular, media coverage of the plight of tens of thousands of racing greyhounds is becoming more common. Please take a look at some of the recent BBC news items on greyhound racing.


Greyhound at a racing track
GONE TO THE DOGS | What fate awaits retired greyhounds?

(By the BBC) Greyhound racing is fun, exciting and a great night out and has been going for 74 years. However, what the people who go don’t think about is what happens to the dogs after their racing life is over.

10,000 greyhounds retire each year due to injury, old age or they simply just don’t make the grade, and nobody knows where many of them go.

There are many responsible owners who take their dogs home, and trainers who give up precious kennels spaces for retired dogs, but the fact is that records are not always kept to show if this the case.

Read the rest of the article here


(By the BBC) Retired greyhounds are abandoned

Sue Tipton

Sue Tipton and rescued greyhound

The owner of a Shropshire boarding kennels claims more retired greyhounds are being dumped.

Sue Tipton who runs Moorland Kennels at Condover said they had taken in more abandoned dogs than ever before in December of last year. She now has around 30 greyhounds at her kennels needing to be re-homed. She said at least 10,000 dogs a year came off the track and despite the work of the Retired Greyhound Trust many are still being abandoned.

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(By the BBC) Greyhound sport ‘needs to change’

Greyhound racingGreyhounds can cover 500 metres in 30 seconds

Greyhound racing “needs to change, as horse racing has”, a peer who is reviewing the sport has said.

Lord Donoghue has made several recommendations about the sport. The review follows concerns about the welfare of greyhounds. The review proposes a new governing body, along with measures to improve greyhound welfare and better tracking of dogs. Lord Donoghue has also recommended that injuries and their causes be monitored.

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For more news stories about greyhound racing go to our “Sighthound Media” page.


The campaign groups listed below give even more informaiton and up to date appeals and news about the racing industry.

Greyhound Action

Greyhound Action
Greyhound Action
GA have campaigned tirelessly for years to end greyhound racing, holding demonstrations outside race tracks and betting shops and handing out powerful leaflets and informative factsheets.
They rely totally on public donations to fund their work. Please take a look at their website, download their leaflets and factsheets and help to spread the word. Putting up just one leaflet in a local vets or pet shop can encourage people to think about greyhound racing and get involved.
Download their fantastic new leaflet shown below LINK
Action for Greyhounds UK

Action for Greyhounds UK

“Action for Greyhounds UK believe that greyhound racing is inherently exploitive and causes unnecessary suffering. We are therefore totally opposed to greyhound racing and support all measures for the abolition of the racing industry. However, until such a ban is achieved we campaign for racing and ex-racing greyhounds everywhere, to promote them as pets, to raise funds for the rescue of unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused greyhounds and to give financial support to their rescue, rehabilitation & rehoming.”

Greyt Exploitations

Greyt Eploitations

Greyt Eploitations

“As the name suggests, this website hopes to raise your awareness of the exploitation of greyhounds by the UK racing industry. With clear and valid evidence, we would like this opportunity to present full and factual information to help you make an informed decision on whether you wish to support Greyhound Racing.

We feel so passionately about this graceful and passive breed, that a section of this website will be devoted to promoting greyhounds as companion animals and as nature intended.”



For decades, probably much longer, the Spanish have been abusing their hunting hounds. Please visit the websites below to learn more about why 50,000 galgos are killed every year, it what is becoming known as the Galgo Holocuast.

Large organisations such as WSPA have backed Spanish welfare groups in saving these wonderful hounds, and even the BBC have covered stories of their terrible abuse. Please read the BBC articles below :

“Spain under fire for hanging dogs

hunting Dogs that hunted well were killed quickly

test hello test
By Flora Botsford
BBC correspondent in Madrid

Animal rights campaigners have criticised Spain for what it says is the widespread practice of killing hunting dogs. The World Society for the Protection of Animal says tens of thousands of Spanish racing dogs, known as galgos, are hanged every year following the end of the hunting season. The WSPA says it found dead dogs with nooses around their necks dumped in shallow graves or their corpses left hanging from trees. According to the charity, dogs that did badly in the hunting season were hanged with a low noose.” Read the rest of the artcile
Anya the greyhound

“The Truth About Greyhounds

By Linda Serck (BBC)
Particularly in Ireland and Spain greyhounds are put on the scrap heap in the most horrendously cruel manner. At Battersea Old Windsor kennels three dogs from Spain arrived who were found chucked down a well. The well contained skeletons of other dogs. It’s amazing the dogs survived and only by their whimpering did someone discover them.”
Dog transport ‘cruelty’ uncovered

RSPCA greyhound video grab

One the greyhounds being transported to Spain
Several people are to be prosecuted after animal welfare officers found dozens of greyhounds being transported in terrible conditions between the Republic of Ireland and Spain.
(By the BBC)

A total of 36 animals were discovered in cramped conditions without sufficient food or water for their 38-hour journey to Barcelona last month.

On Monday, Alastair Keen of the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals told BBC Radio Ulster the prosecutions were the result of a six-month joint investigation with Spanish police and the RSPCA.

Read the rest of the article here


WSPA article (from the Scooby Shelter website)
5 Apr 02

A new investigation by WSPA has exposed the way in which thousands of Spanish greyhounds (known as galgos), are hanged following the end of the hare coursing season at the start of each year. The results of the investigation, carried out in the Castilla y Leon and Castilla la Mancha regions of Spain in March this year with the assistance of Spanish organisation Scooby (Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby), reveal widespread evidence that the age-old tradition of hanging dogs in Spain continues to this day. WSPA estimates that tens of thousands of galgos are being bred and killed annually in rural areas. Read the rest of the article


URGENT: Tortured Spanish Greyhounds Need Your Voice

Article by PETA:

“Spanish greyhounds, or galgos—a breed of dog native to Spain—are some of the most abused animals on the planet. Known for their stamina, galgos have been exploited for centuries, and Spain is reportedly the only country in Europe that still allows galgos to be used in hunting.

Every year, PETA is inundated with complaints about galgos in Spain who are suffering in squalid and inhumane breeding facilities. These animals are frequently kept chained in derelict sheds and even caves in freezing temperatures. They are also reportedly starved and beaten but still expected to hunt upon command. The hunting season runs from approximately October through February, and when the hunting season concludes, many galgos deemed worthless or too costly to maintain are executed in a variety of inhumane ways, including being hanged from trees with ropes or wires. This killing method is so common, in fact, that it has earned the nickname “playing the piano”—in reference to the doomed animals’ frantic attempts to stay alive, as they are deliberately hanged with their back feet barely touching the ground (in order to maximize suffering). It can take minutes and even hours for the suffering dogs to succumb to this torture.”

To read the full article click here: LINK
Race against time for the galgo Espanol
Article by This French Life
“Watch where you walk in the Spanish countryside, especially after hunting finishes at the end of January. You might come across dogs hanging from trees (it can take a dog a week to die by this method), burned alive, dying from broken legs, mutilated.Chances are they will be galgos, Spanish greyhounds, which the galguerros (Spanish hunters) treat like any hunting tool, shut in a shed when not in use, and then disposed of in the most horrendous ways when no longer required.
Estimates by various greyhound charities say about 50,000 dogs are killed each year, thousands of them in Spain. Sometimes a galguerro can have up to 90 dogs.”

Greyhound rescue conditions

For the full article use the link here: LINK

For more news stories about sighthounds in Spain go to our “Sighthound Media” page.


The campaign groups listed below give even more informaiton and up to date appeals and news about hounds in Spain.


This Spanish based charity is one of the leading welfare groups for the Galgo Espanol (Spanish greyhound/galgo) and Podenco (Ibizan hound). They work with shelters all over Spain to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and abused hounds. They home to most European countries, including the UK and brought their first three adopted dogs here in July 2008, and already have 3 more planned to arrive in early 2009. They rely totally on public donations to fund the massive veterinary and shelters fees for the dogs in their care. Please take a look at their website to learn more about the welfare problems with hounds in Spain and to keep up with the latest news. Please also take a few minutes to watch their moving video.

The Scooby Shelter

“Scooby started out in 1987 as a shelter under poor conditions, providing refuge for the stray cat and dog population and the numerous Galgos (Spanish bred sighthounds) discarded mainly by the local coursing fraternity in the area of Medina del Campo, Valladolid. Scooby is being lead since years by its honorary president Fermín Pérez, in daily life a science teacher at the main senior school in Medina del Campo.

Tens of thousands of Galgos are bred annually in Spain in the hope of producing the national coursing champion. Medina del Campo is the focal point for those with a coursing interest in Spain. Many galgueros (breeders and owners of Galgos) live in Medina del Campo and its environs. For the galgueros it was an annual tradition to kill their Galgos by hanging them en masse in the pine forests in and around Medina del Campo at the end of the coursing season (January/February).”


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