Below is a list of articles from leading broadcasting companies such as the BBC on aspects of sighthound welfare such as greyhound racing and sighthound cruelty in Spain.


Fatal collisions filmed at dog track: K9 MAGAZINE

Greyhound homing scandal: K9 MAGAZINE

Greyhounds forced to live in squalid conditions: PETERBOROUGH TODAY

Greyhound breeder offers slow dogs to be sold for research: TIMES

Greyhound sport needs to change: BBC

Greyhound racing debate: BBC

Greyhound rehoming: BBC

Retired greyhounds are abandoned: BBC

Greyhound racing needs change: BBC

A dogs life aint what it used to be: THE INDEPENDANT (UK) Jan 2005

Greyhounds doped with cocaine: BBC

Man fined over greyhound deaths: BBC

Homes hunt for retired greyhounds: BBC Sept 2004

Greyhound man neglected animlas: BBC May 2005

Greyhound cruelty appeal lost: BBC March 2005

Greyhounds ears cut off: BBC May 2004

Call for greyhound registration: BBC March 2003

Greyhound graveyard: BBC Dec 2001

Retired greyhounds: BBC Feb 2003

Man who made greyhound killing a business faces jail: TIMES Feb 2007

Greyhound “cull” trainers suspended: TIMES July 2006

Secret greyhound cull is 4,700 a year: TIMES May 2007

This list is by no means exhaustive and a search in the BBC or TIMES (and other broadcasters) websites, reveal many more harrowing stories about greyhound abuse.


The truth about greyhounds: BBC

Dog transport cruelty uncovered: BBC

Spain under fire for hanging dogs: BBC

Greyhound rescue: OUR DOGS

Fast work by the galgo rescuers: TELEGRAPH

Every dog has its day at Spanish centre: TELEGRAPH

Dogs in Spain face barbaric hanging: TELEGRAPH

Tortured Spanish greyhounds need your voice: PETA

Race against time to save the galgo Espanol: THIS FRENCH LIFE


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