Brighton RGT

Brighton RGT

“We are a registered, independent charity who work alongside the national RGT and other local welfare organisations to ensure all greyhounds have a happy retirement. We rely heavily on donations and legacies as well as our own fundraising efforts.” LINK

Celia Cross Greyhound Trust

Celia Cross Greyhound Trust

“The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust was established to rescue these creatures. They are so often discovered in the most pathetic states, left on motorways, shut up in sheds. The Trust endeavours to find these dogs, to care for them in the way they deserve, to bring them back to health and to re-home them with people who will really care for them.” LINK

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare (Hersham Hounds)

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare (Hersham Hounds)

“Here, at our kennels in Hersham, Surrey, we care for between 50 and 60 greyhounds who have retired from racing and are waiting to experience life as a family pet. Moving these Greyhounds away from the racing kennel environment into the more relaxed and restful homing kennel is their first step on this road. The majority of our Greyhounds adapt very well, and do not appear to miss their days on the track at all.” LINK


“Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre is based in Biggin Hill, Kent. Our aim is to take in as many sick, distressed and unwanted animals as possible and restore them to health and happiness.” LINK


“We rescue animals of all types, some waiting destruction in Welsh pounds others handed in to us for whatever reason, good or bad.  We provide medial care, food, shelter and love for them all and ultimately find them loving homes. if for any reason things don’t work out we always take them back.” LINK

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