Welcome to the launch of Action for Sighthound Adoption and Protection, a group of dedicated sighthound lovers and rescuers wanting a better future for all sighthounds.

We hope to be able to help potential adoptants find the right dog for them, help rescues home more dogs, and help Irish sighthounds find homes in the UK. Watch our video to see why you should consider offering a home to a greyhound.

A.S.A.P is also a greyt place to keep up to date with sighthound welfare news from across the globe and urgent appeals for help. Please visit our “A.S.A.P News” page for all the latest welfare news.

Could you foster a sighthound?

Many hounds, especially ex-racing greyhounds, have never known home life and really benefit from getting a head start in a foster home before finding their forever homes. This allows rescues to better assess the dogs character before finding it the perfect home.

If you think you could offer a sighthound a lifeline by fostering them until they find their forever home please contact us at action4sighthounds@gmail.com and we will put you in touch with a nearby rescue.

Any old iron?

Do you have any old collars and leads suitable for use during transport of sighthounds across the country?

Many hounds are transported hundreds of miles across the Uk and from Ireland, into safety in rescues. This is often carried out by volunteers who have to provide collars and leads as most hounds arrive without one. For regular transport volunteers this can become costly and so any old collars and leads would be welcomed by them and the hounds 🙂

Please contact us if you have any used items to send us.

Cover a kennel hound

As sighthounds have little fur or fat, they really feel the cold. During the winter kennel dogs need coats to keep them warm whilst out in the runs, and out walking.

Do you have any used but useable coats suitable for sighthounds? Or are you a dab-hand with a sewing machine and could make some from old pieces of fabric?

Contact us if you have any items to send us or if you would like a pattern to make sighthound coats 🙂


4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Maria Farminer-Mann Says:

    I already have a retired Greyhound, who travelled from UK, via Spain to France, where I am now based. I am in the process of adopting another one (my dog’s niece) and, although two is enough, I am happy to help you in any way I can, as I am permanently based here in France. I can always ask the Vets to advertise for good homes but the problem that we have is that hunters may apply for them, as they are worth a lot of money here.

  2. Trudy Baker Says:

    So much more is needed to raise the awareness of the abuse and exploitation of sighthounds and to help find hounds the home they deserve.
    So good luck with your cause, I am sure you will be very well supported.

  3. Laurie Harkness Says:

    Congratulations on starting this site. With so many sighthounds suffering from terrible neglect and cruelty both here in the UK and abroad, you are helping to raise awareness and spread the word about how many are suffering. And you are providing a much needed link between rescues and potential adoptants. Well done!

  4. Kathleen Vujcic Says:

    I can gather a few items together.
    where can I take or send them?
    Thanks so much for your caring efforts.
    This sighthound issue is so overwhelming, but internationally we can make a difference!

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