Lurcher Hope was found wandering the streets of Ohio. Apart from her obvious starvation she was suffering from heart worms and other problems which would have lead to her being put to sleep if local people hadn’t have rallied around to fund her medication and care.


The Lima Ohio reports: “By the time the police found Hope wandering down Beech Street, she was already 25 to 30 pounds underweight.

“She was starving,” Auglaize County Dog Warden Russ Bailey said. “Her hips, you can see the ball and socket. I mean, she was in extremely bad shape.”

Bailey took the greyhound mix to a veterinarian thinking she might be too malnourished to save. As it turned out, weight was the least of her problems.

“She tested positive for heartworms and at that point we were going to keep her the three days and schedule her for euthanization,” Bailey said.

Heartworm treatments are expensive, and without the funds, it seemed as if Hope’s fate was sealed. But after a local pet boutique owner put up a photo of Hope, St. Marys residents started donating money to save her.

“Donations started coming in to the Mercer (County Animal Protection League),” Bailey said. “Next thing I know, we’ve got enough money to cover the heartworm treatment and then Jamie called and said she wanted to foster the dog.

“It was a pretty amazing series of events.”

Hope’s savior is Jamie Dillinger, a Lima resident who provides care to dogs, nursing them back to health and training them before finding them homes.

“When I think about how Hope was neglected, it honestly makes me sick to my stomach,” Dillinger said. “I mean, to see an animal that has no choice of being brought into the world, no choice of where they live or how they’re cared for and yet still remains a loyal companion is just really horrible.”

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Good luck Hope for your recovery and finding a new home 🙂