The IGB’s news website “Hot Gossip” describes the injury of 3 year old black male greyhound OAKLEAF TOM on Monday this week. However we wonder where he is now??? The IGB report doesn’t confirm if Tom was put down as a result of his injury or what his fate will be now.

A broken hock, although putting an end to his career, is a treatable injury and he could be retired and rehomed with little problem (assuming he is still alive!).

The IGB reports on the accident:

“It was a sad occasion when classy tracker Oakleaf Tom broke a hock when contesting the 575 at Galway on Sunday.

Strongly supported for the open contest, Oakleaf Tom appeared to check halfway down the back and then shuddered to a halt in distress on the final bend. It was immediately apparent that the dog had sustained a very serious injury and this was later confirmed by trainer Eddie Dunne.

The son of Hondo Black and Michaelas Wish had won ten of his 30 races and had also claimed a big number of noted scalps during an unfortunately brief career. He had contested at the highest level with distinction and it was a bad blow for Longford trainer Dunne and the Paddys Day Syndicate.

But the person who took it worst of all was surely Rory Flaherty, assistant to Dunne, who had led out the dog. Young Rory has become a very recognisable figure on the tracks, particularly at the weekends, and is a vital cog in the Dunne operation. The St Mel’s College student was very upset following the dog’s career-ending injury but he will hopefully be handling many more very useful trackers in the weeks and months ahead.”

Its a shame the report concentrates more on how Rory Flaherty would recover from the accident, rather than the dog 😦


Earlier this month the Irish Greyhound Board were issued a warning by Univeristy College Dublin about a neurological problem thattheyhave identified in greyhounds recently.

The IGB reports: “A neurological condition of greyhounds has been observed at University College Dublin (UCD) and they are seeking assistance from the greyhound community. The following statement has been issued:

“Greyhound meningoencephalitis occurs in young dogs and often affects multiple littermates. The signs vary in severity and type, and include any combination of dullness, head tilt, staggering, circling, blindness, aggression and vocalization.

“The number of confirmed cases has remained constant for several years, indicating that this condition continues to be a significant problem. We are currently investigating potential causes of the disorder and would appreciate your help in identifying cases. If you have a greyhound with consistent signs, we would be grateful if you could contact us, in confidence, at the numbers or emails listed below. Individual cases can be discussed, and if warranted, further investigations performed at a reduced fee”

If this is the same as the disease affecting Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, then this is seriously worrying for greyhounds.