On Friday 5th Dec, the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust rescued Danny, a severley emaciated greyhound who was literally at deaths’ door 😦

Danny did not come from a racing trainer as is normal for most greyhound rescues, but was saved from his home where a member if the public alerted them to his poor condition.

Danny the Dog

The Lincolnshire Echo reports: “A severely underweight greyhound on the brink of starvation has been rescued by a Lincolnshire charity. Danny, affectionately nicknamed Twiglet, was rescued by the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust on Friday, December 5.

He weighed a shocking 16.4kg – less than half what his body weight should be. His nails were overgrown and he was also suffering from mange, a burrowing skin mite.

Kev Stow, who runs the trust, said: “Danny is a real character and has quickly become a favourite at the kennels.

“Despite his poor condition and obvious mistreatment, he’s very affectionate and, not surprisingly, loves his food.”

The trust normally rehomes retired racing greyhounds but was asked to save Danny from a bad home by a concerned member of the public. When the dog was first removed from the home he spent three days on a nutrition drip.

He is now looking for a new home.”

To find out more about Danny and the work of the Lincolnshire Geyhound Trust please see thier website



Greyhound trainer Dorothy Ruth is rufuting claims that one of her dogs Razl Dazl Billy was shot earlier this summer.

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The Leinster Leader reports: “The dog, Razl Dazl Billy, trained by Dorothy Ruth at Punchersgrange, Rathangan, suffered a fatal heart attack last summer. However stories began circulating among the greyhound racing and breeding fraternity in the Newbridge-Milltown-Rathangan area that the dog had been shot dead at Punchersgrange.

One colourful version suggested that the animal was shot by one of a group pretending to be interested in its stud services and that the dispute which led to the shooting originated in the kidnapping of a horse trainer more than twenty years ago.

“It is absolutely rubbish, a complete lie. If any such thing had happened the police would have been called. I have heard several stories and all of them are rubbish,” ,” Ms. Ruth told the Leader.”

Sudden, unexplained heart failure has been cited as the reason for the dogs death:

“It is not unknown for greyhounds, including well-bred greyhounds, to die because of heart conditions and often at a relatively young age. That is what happened to Billy and I’m sure if you looked into it you would find many more cases. I know of two other Derby winners who died because of heart failure.”

A greyhound racing source also confirmed he had heard the rumour but didn’t believe it.

“Dogs can die of heart problems. It is not ununsual even in dogs as young as two years,” he said.

County Waterford based breeder Michael Dunphy said he too had a top class dog who died unexpectedly in its kennel of hear failure. Like A Shot won the UK Derby and Scottish Derby. “I have had some great dogs and they died suddenly and without explanation. It happens with animals, including farm animals. It is something that is natural but it may attract more attention if the animal has a high profile,” he said.”

To read the full article click here: LINK

Marathon runner Stewart Grainger has completed the EDF Energy half marathon in Birmingham earlier this year and has decided to donated the money he raised to his local greyhound rescue, the Hall Green branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust.

The Birmingham Mail reports: “Stewart Grainger, aged 31 and from Bearwood, completed the EDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon, which was supported by the Birmingham Mail, in October.

He collected sponsorship for the Hall Green branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. Stewart is now planning to run a full marathon and carry on helping the charity, which cares for and finds homes for greyhounds once their racing days are over.

The web developer decided to help the trust after getting his greyhound Fawn from them. He said: “The race was hard work but I really enjoyed myself.””

ASAP is offering these lovely collar charms and Christmas collars in aid of our “highways to heaven” appeal to help transport Irish greyhounds and lurchers to homes in the UK.

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Four year old greyhound Harley was found wandering in the freezing cold in South Sheilds (Sunderland) last week and is now ready for a home for Christmas.

Harley ... loves brushing.

The Shields Gazette says: “HARLEY the greyhound was left wandering the streets alone after his previous owner gave him the brush-off. The four-year-old lurcher, who loves to be brushed, was found wandering around Temple Park, South Shields, on a freezing cold night earlier this month.

He was taken to West Hall Kennels in Cleadon, and now he’s looking for a new home. Kennels manager Sarah Wilkinson said: “He’s clearly been a racing greyhound, so he can’t be rehomed with any small furry animals like rabbits or cats. But apart from that’s he’d make a fantastic family pet.”

“He’s a gentle, loving, quiet dog. He’ll also only need two short bursts of exercise a day, and the rest of the time he’s no bother at all.”

To read the article and for information about adopting Harley click here: LINK

The “Save Our Stow” campaign to return greyhound racing to Walthamstow stadium has yet another plan in the pipelines!!

Dog-racing lovers have a new glimmer of hope

The Waltham Forest Guardian reports today: “As a church takes over Walthamstow Stadium for the Christmas period, greyhound lovers have a new glimmer of hope that racing will resume.

An American consortium which already owns dog tracks is poised to open negotiations with the site’s current owners, according to accountants and business advisors Kuhrt Leach.

Partner Richard Leach told the Guardian that the consortium is interested in turning Walthamstow Stadium into a greyhound racing track and a shopping centre.

The Save Our Stow campaign spokesman, Rick Holloway, welcomed the news.

He said: “This is a very promising development and, like all other true greyhound fans, I can now only hope that these talks lead to the return of greyhound racing at Walthamstow Stadium.”

To read the full article click here: LINK

Greyhound trainer Graham Calvert lost £2 million earlier this year during a five month gambling spree and is currently serving a two year prison sentence for possession of cocaine and firearms.

He has just lost his appeal to recover some compensation from William Hill, the betting firm through which he lost the £2M. The Chronicle Live reported: “Calvert, 28, a greyhound trainer from Houghton-le-Spring, lost the cash during a disastrous five-month betting spree.

The High Court rejected a damages action in which he claimed the firm failed in its “duty of care” by allowing him to continue betting after he asked it to stop taking his money under its “self-exclusion” policy. He challeneged this decision today but was again unsuccessful.”