Earlier this month the Irish Greyhound Board were issued a warning by Univeristy College Dublin about a neurological problem thattheyhave identified in greyhounds recently.

The IGB reports: “A neurological condition of greyhounds has been observed at University College Dublin (UCD) and they are seeking assistance from the greyhound community. The following statement has been issued:

“Greyhound meningoencephalitis occurs in young dogs and often affects multiple littermates. The signs vary in severity and type, and include any combination of dullness, head tilt, staggering, circling, blindness, aggression and vocalization.

“The number of confirmed cases has remained constant for several years, indicating that this condition continues to be a significant problem. We are currently investigating potential causes of the disorder and would appreciate your help in identifying cases. If you have a greyhound with consistent signs, we would be grateful if you could contact us, in confidence, at the numbers or emails listed below. Individual cases can be discussed, and if warranted, further investigations performed at a reduced fee”

If this is the same as the disease affecting Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, then this is seriously worrying for greyhounds.