Horatio is a 7 year old lurcher in the care of Cleadon Kennels, Sunderland. He has been at the rescue since April and keeps getting overlooked. Could you give Horatio the homes he craves??

The Sunderland Echo tells his story:

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“Horatio may not be the most handsome pooch in the pound, but he’s certainly the friendliest.

The six-year-old lurcher has been overlooked by visitors since he came to the kennels in April, but Sarah says they are missing out.

“He’s not the most handsome dog and he would not be any good for a family with any other animals, but he’s fabulous with people.

“No one wants lurchers because they think they need loads of exercise, but that’s a misconception.”

Horatio was found wandering the streets in Sulgrave, Washington, and just wants to be fussed over.”