On Friday 5th Dec, the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust rescued Danny, a severley emaciated greyhound who was literally at deaths’ door 😦

Danny did not come from a racing trainer as is normal for most greyhound rescues, but was saved from his home where a member if the public alerted them to his poor condition.

Danny the Dog

The Lincolnshire Echo reports: “A severely underweight greyhound on the brink of starvation has been rescued by a Lincolnshire charity. Danny, affectionately nicknamed Twiglet, was rescued by the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust on Friday, December 5.

He weighed a shocking 16.4kg – less than half what his body weight should be. His nails were overgrown and he was also suffering from mange, a burrowing skin mite.

Kev Stow, who runs the trust, said: “Danny is a real character and has quickly become a favourite at the kennels.

“Despite his poor condition and obvious mistreatment, he’s very affectionate and, not surprisingly, loves his food.”

The trust normally rehomes retired racing greyhounds but was asked to save Danny from a bad home by a concerned member of the public. When the dog was first removed from the home he spent three days on a nutrition drip.

He is now looking for a new home.”

To find out more about Danny and the work of the Lincolnshire Geyhound Trust please see thier website