Hinsdale Greyhound Park in New Hampshire (USA) annoucned bankruptcy yesterday.

The stadium has closed and the 30 or so employees have been made redundant. Luckily for the greyhounds ALL dogs have been relocated to several rehoming groups including Fast Friends.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports: “ They cited a struggling economy and lack of interest nationwide in wagering on thoroughbred and greyhound racing as the principal reasons. Officials at Hinsdale Greyhound Park announced Monday they have ceased business operations and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.Recently, greyhound racing was cut back to just 50 days because of falling attendance. The track mainly operated as an off-track betting parlor for racing and also offered poker games.

The gaming industry is in a bad place for the moment, and each day opening the doors meant losing more money, said John M. Sullivan, attorney at PretiFlaherty in Concord and bankruptcy counsel to the park. “We just don’t have the significant activity to be profitable,” he said.

Gaming officials say the facility opened in 1958 as a seasonal harness track before greyhound racing was added in 1973. The park is a part of the town’s history and has been a very good employer to generations of residents, in particular teenagers looking for a part-time job, said Collins.

“We don’t like to see any employer close their doors because that puts people out of work,” she added.

While new career opportunities may be difficult to find for outgoing park employees, the greyhounds have all relocated to several nonprofit groups, including Fast Friends based in West Swanzey.

Park officials had transferred control and care of all the greyhounds at the end of the racing season in October.”

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