The Sun reported yesterday on an extreme case of neglect to a lurcher in Bradford. The owners, Martin Fairclough and Kathleen Angyal were convicted and given four week suspended sentences and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

“Striking images of lovable lurcher running around were taken after he was saved from his cruel owners show. Murphy weighed just 20lbs when he was taken from owners Martin Fairclough, 54, and Kathleen Angyal, 43. They had left him skeletal and covered in sores simply by not giving him a meal.”

To the bone ... poor Murphy

Poor Murphy before
The duo were spotted walking with the grossly underfed pooch through the city on April 17. Environmental health officer Jeanette Haworth saw them as she passed in her car, Bradford Magistrates Court heard. The concerned woman pulled up and began photographing the pair passing with Murphy. When she confronted them about their mistreatment of the animal the dishonest pair gave a false address and fake ages.

Mr Monaghan revealed the two were so determined to hide their sickening neglect, they even put out a false appeal in their local newspaper with the RSPCA asking for the ’real’ owners to own up. But information received through the appeal eventually revealed Fairclough and Angyal to be the dog’s true owners.

Both eventually pleaded guilty to causing him unnecessary suffering by failing to provide him with an adequate diet and failing to meet his needs. Vet Graham Roberts examined the poorly three-year-old pooch and found he weighed only 9.3kg – 50 per cent less than what he should have measured. Mr Roberts, who has practised as a vet for 24 years, said it was the thinnest dog he had treated.

“There’s no doubt this dog was way below what would have been considered normal,” said Mr Monaghan.

“The vet concluded that the only reason the dog was underweight was simply because it had not been fed.”

The needless abuse of cute Murphy was made clear after the pet made a full and quick recovery – by just having a meal. His weight soared to over 16kg in three weeks.”

Healthy ... Murphy nowMurphy after his recovery

“Speaking after the case, RSPCA acting chief inspector Rachel Oprysk said: “This was one of the most shocking cases I have dealt with as an RSPCA inspector.

“When I first saw Murphy he was skeletal, certainly the thinnest dog I had ever seen alive, and was suffering from sores all over his body which must have been incredibly painful.

“For an owner to ignore their pet’s suffering in this way is unacceptable enough but to then hand them over as an abandonment and relinquish all responsibility is shocking.

“Murphy can look forward to the kind of Christmas he deserves this year, in a loving new home with a family that adores him.”

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