Wonderful campaign group Action For Greyhounds UK have made an appeal for homes for the greyhounds in the care after they have become inundated with dogs in recent months.

Their appeal in the Norwich Evening News 24 reads: “Norwich-based group Action for Greyhounds say they have been swamped with not just dogs, but also cats and other pets, which have been left in their care by people who say they cannot afford to keep them or just no longer want them.

A spokeswoman for Action for Greyhounds, said: “We are paying private boarding kennels and even they have no more room as this is one of the busiest times of year for them, too. Many centres who take in stray dogs are full and AFG UK shares their concerns for what will happen to those dogs they are unable to help.

“All rescue centres seem to be in the same situation, the problem not just with dogs but all animals. We are hearing them say that this time of year is always the worst but this year is two or even three times as bad.”

Two of their greyhounds looking for homes are Patch, an 11 year old greyhound (upper picture), and 3 year old Billie (lower picture).

11-year-old PatchBillie

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