Wildlife documentary TV channel Animal Planet are having their annual “hero of the year”. One special lady from Connecticut has been nominated for the award for her amazing work with greyhounds, saving over 5,000 dogs since 1973!!

Congratulations Eileen McCaughern 🙂

eileen mccaughern

Animal Planet reports: “She huddled alone in a borrowed tent, tears, mingled with soot, streamed down her face.  The smoke-filled air burned her eyes and lungs.  She had just watched her home completely burn; yet she was thankful because she saved her 15 cherished greyhounds.  Saving greyhounds isn’t new to Eileen McCaughern.  She’s rescued over 5,000 greyhounds, one at a time.

Eileen pioneered greyhound rescue.  In 1973, greyhounds were routinely destroyed because there were no greyhound rescue groups yet in existence.  Eileen formed REGAP of CT and established this nation’s first matching funds greyhound retirement home.  Eileen’s efforts gained the attention of national and local television networks, magazines, newspapers and radio.  Most times, REGAP had more greyhounds than finances, but Eileen persevered, even when she lost her job. Eileen lobbied for, and received, state grants.  Her home was rebuilt and she found new employment.  Things were improving, or so she thought.

In 2005, the Plainfield Connecticut Greyhound Park announced it would close forever.  Approximately 800 greyhounds had nowhere to go-an almost insurmountable challenge until Eileen became involved.  Eileen, with support from volunteers and the media, found homes for 200 of the approximately 800 dogs. State grants, funds from the American Greyhound Council, assistance from businesses and individuals recently enabled Eileen to open a kennel. Eileen works a full-time job and two part-time jobs to help defray the costs incurred in rescuing greyhounds.”