The first of no doubt many greyhounds to be found living and suffering in appalling conditions after 150 dogs were given away after the closure of Guam Greyhound Park, have been rescued and handed over to the islands animal sanctuary GAIN.

FPS Newswire reports: A dramatic increase in the numbers of greyhounds surfacing in the greater Guam community that are experiencing horrific injures and/or extreme starvation and dehydration health issues caused by neglect and/or abandonment is rapidly peaking and igniting an ongoing concern. There is serious worry of an eminent social crisis that promises to plague the region for decades. The situation initiated when a large number of racing greyhounds were irresponsibly “given away” without discretion or review by the Guam Greyhound Racetrack owned by Guam Greyhound Inc. which closed abruptly last month.

Greyhounds were handed out, after a broadcasted public announcement, to any person showing up wanting one. There were many cases of people taking as many dogs as they desired without any screening or clear application process to insure basic standard and reviewable care of the racing dogs. Pairs of male and female animals where distributed without being sterilized suggesting a desire by many to breed the dogs for profit in a marketplace of inflated values. Promises of supporting breeding and bloodline documentation offered by the track appears not to have been provided. There has also be reports of local breeders wanting to cross the greyhounds with typical fighting breeds to produce and faster competitive animal.

It appears that many of this people are now faced with being unable or refusing to take even the most basic of care for these animals. Local animal rescue groups like GAIN are being overrun with these Guam Greyhound Track dogs which are being turned in, rescued off the street, or confiscated from neglectful owners. A sharp increase in calls reporting greyhounds sited running loose in the streets faced with starvation and hydration, magnified by the hot weather of Guam, are being recorded daily. The vast majority of greyhounds recovered still have their collars which were provided by the track showing “Guam Greyhound Inc.” printed on them clearly indicating the origin of these animals. Local Veterinarians are treating scores of greyhounds with injuries or health issues directly related to exposure to an inappropriate natural environment which includes the high potential for attacks by other dogs on the more vulnerable greyhound.

Three near death greyhounds were discovered tied to a truck without food and water in the hot sun on Monday. These dogs were immediately confiscated from a local youth by a AEGA (American European Greyhound Alliance) representative who was recently sent by the non-profit international organization to evaluated and support efforts already in motion to recover the Give-A-Way dogs. Another greyhound was captured and turned in to GAIN by a local club owner who stated “…we need to take responsibility for these dogs as a society”. Many dogs are being returned to GAIN by owners that have discovered that the dogs not going to provide them with the attributed promised.

The AEGA is requesting that the Guam Greyhound Inc meet with them and local agencies to help appropriately place the dogs that remain under their care. There is an undetermined number of dogs still housed at the defunct track which will need to be processed into the adoption system. AEGA directors, with broad international support from other greyhound rescue organizations, is demanding full financial responsibility be taken immediately by track ownership to rectify the current situation, covering all the mounting medical cost connected to but not limited to, the recovery effort. “Like any company that chooses to dump their waste product onto a community and in turn, causing fabric of that community damage, the Guam Greyhound Inc must take full responsibility both socially and financially for their actions at this time” said John Mottern, a consultant for the AEGA who is working in Guam. “We will continue to spotlight each and every horrific story resulting from the free give away debacle by track management until we are satisfied that acceptable action is taken by those responsible”