With attendance figures plummeting at most greyhound stadia this year due to the “credit crunch” it appears that Oxford is however doing well. Will the credit crunch be the cause of yet further stadium closures in the near future?? Let’s hope so.

The Oxford Mail reports some interesting figures for the demise in greyhound racing in the last few years:

“Oxford Stadium appear to be bucking the trend that saw the GRA suffer severe losses in 2007, according to figures quoted in the Greyhound Star this month.

Consolidated losses after tax were £1.4m, and this before the current economic downturn. With GRA Acquisitions Ltd having to renegotiate the £52m loan they took out to buy the GRA, that expires in March next year, it makes the immediate future a little gloomy.

Last year, attendances were down ten per cent on 2006, restaurant covers dropped 25,000 – a fall of 9.6 per cent, and profit after taxfell to £174,000.

Meanwhile, general man-ager Maureen Ridley says Oxford are still above budget and although there have been cancellations in the executive suites due to the credit squeeze, covers in the restaurant this month have exceeded 3,000 and another 500 are booked for the excecutive suites.”

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