Since the closure of Guam Greyhound Park last month there has been increasing concern over the welfare of hundreds of dogs now deemed surplus to requirements.

At least 150 dogs were given away after the closure of the park to anyone who wanted one, without vaccinations, neutering or home-checks!! It appears that at last a welfare group has stepped in to try to safe-guard the future of the remaining dogs.

The Pacific News Center reports: Guam – “While the fate of some 150 dogs given away by Guam Greyhound Track isn’t certain, a national advocacy organization announced that the animals still in the company’s kennel will be part of an exit strategy.

“We are very happy to work with the Guam Track to help them transition these retired racers into the community in a thoughtful and responsible manor. We have been successful in making this happen at other racetracks around the world which have needed to place dogs into the private sector,” said Louise Coleman, of Greyhound Friends Inc. in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Agreements include matching funds donated by welfare groups, up to $50 per dog initially, and continuing to cover all the expenses of the dogs day to day care.”

Further news revelas that greyhounds will be allowed to be rescued by off-island groups in the future: “In preparation for off-island shipping, Guam Animals In Need is looking for volunteer foster homes for greyhounds.   A news release says before the dogs are given to an off-island rescue group, rabies shots must be administered 30 days before they are transported.

Those interested in the program should plan to care for the dog for at least a month.  GAIN is also reminding residents they can relinquish greyhounds to the Yigo animal shelter at no cost if they now find the dogs aren’t a right fit for them.” LINK

We will continue to follow this story with interest.