The Canadian Press today sugguested that tourists visitng London should take a trip to Wimbledon greyhound track. They praised Wimbledon track for putting on such a good show for toursists in the face of a down-turn in attendances in the last few years, and the welfare problems highlighted in the media.

Unfortunatley tourists see the UK’s racing industry as a new cultural experience and something that they simply dont get at home.

Candian Press: ” A visit to Wimbledon typically entails boutique shopping, high-end dining and – during the prestigious tennis tournament for which the south London borough is renowned – celebrity-spotting.

But apart from all the strawberry-and-cream images that Wimbledon conjures up, there’s the grittier, but no less entertaining world of greyhound racing.

At Wimbledon Stadium, the dogs draw a mix of local cloth-cap types who meticulously follow each hound’s track record, as well as the curious from abroad.

Kersjes, one of several hundred at the track on a frigid Tuesday evening, reflects the broader demographic that Wimbledon Stadium attracts.

“We don’t get anything like this at home, so it’s a cultural thing for me,” said Lauren Holsing, a 21-year-old student from Newton, Iowa.

In recent years, greyhound racing organizers have tried to provide a more family-friendly atmosphere in a bid to shed its reputation as a sport reserved for pint-swilling yobs.

“It’s comfortable. It’s non-threatening,” said Stan Wolfe, the stadium’s general manager.

“It has become a good entertainment venue where people come for a reasonably priced evening out, where they can have a drink and a bet and something to eat.”

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