After the closure of the Guam Greyhound Park several weeks ago, the owners have been irresponsibly giving greyhounds away to anyone who wants one.!!!

Pacific News Centre reports “Guam Greyhound Park has informed the Department of Agriculture that it is no longer giving away dogs due to business concerns.   Director Joe Torres tells PNC News park owner John Baldwin is keeping between 50 to 60 dogs in the event someone would be interested in buying a functioning dog race track.

That means at most, residents adopted 150 greyhounds.  Animal advocates worry most of those are unfit owners, but Torres stresses the only way punish animal abusers is to report them.

“The only way we can address that is if we get claims from citizens and then we can respond to [those claims],” he says.  “But we don’t monitor and we don’t regulate, and there’s nothing I’m aware of in the law, that says we are regulating the giving away of animals, or the adoption of animals.”

Veterinarian Joe Edhlund was surprised at the sheer number given away, especially since he claims only around 14 have been seen by any clinic island-wide.

“There’s an awful lot of dogs not getting the care they need,” he says.

Guam Greyhound began giving dogs away after the business closed down.  Torres says at least one person has already been cited for mistreating a dog he or she picked up.”

This is a clear example of the racing industry being totally unequipped to deal with the consequences of having hundreds of dogs suddenly needing to be rehoused. In Guam, a tiny Pacific island, the chances of finding enough appropriate and caring homes is even more remote.