This Sunday (16th) Greyhound Action and other campaign groups, met at the Belle Vue greyhound stadium in Manchester for a dignified rememberence service to remember those greyhounds that died at this track and in tracks across the country.

Around 30 supporters and their rescued greyhounds attended the ceremony and held a minutes silence and laid wreaths in memory of 45 greyhounds that died of the track in the last year alone.

Tony Peters, Greyhound Actions UK Coordinator reports on the days events: “Following a national newspaper report a few months ago that Liverpool University was being supplied with the bodies of young greyhounds by a Lincolnshire breeder, a request was made to the university to provide information in relation to greyhounds that had been used for research.

“The university’s reply revealed that Belle Vue Stadium was also a major supplier of greyhound corpses and the revelations are shocking in several different ways.”

“Firstly, they show just how dangerous greyhound racing is for the dogs. 38 of the 45 greyhounds were “put down” following death or injury, often serious, at the track.

“Secondly, they reveal just how little the racing industry cares about the greyhounds it uses. Seven of the dogs put to death had not been injured and even those that were seriously injured could have lived comfortably for many more years, after receiving veterinary attention.

“Sadly, however, because the injured greyhounds were no longer of any use for racing, their lives were unceremoniously extinguished.

“Thirdly, because Belle Vue is just one of 28 major greyhound stadiums in Britain, they point to the likelihood that a total of well over 1,000 greyhounds are being put to death annually at the country’s tracks.”

“Figures released by the industry lead us to the conclusion that about 15,000 young greyhounds, sometimes less than a few months old, are “put down” each year after being adjudged unsuitable for racing on British tracks.

“This means that, all in all, the existence of a stadium like Belle Vue leads to the killing of well over 500 greyhounds annually.

“Even though the majority of these greyhounds never even get to race, the tracks are still responsible for their fate, as they have created the demand for the dogs to be bred in the first place.

“It is for this reason that we are calling for an end to the greyhound racing industry. Commercial
greyhound racing has been banned in nine US states in recent years and there is no reason why that shouldn’t happen here, through the simple measure of making it illegal to place or accept bets on dog races.

“In the meantime, we are urging the public not to attend or bet on greyhound racing, so that this death-industry fades away through lack of financial support.

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