On Nov 11th we posted news of campaign group Grey 2K USA possible new bid to end greyhound racing in New Hampshire, neighbouring state to Massachusetts where they won a referndum to end racing there by 2010.

Today Seacoast Online have published an update and more information on the proposed campaign in New Hampshire.

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Greyhounds compete at Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere, Mass., one of two in the state where racing will be banned by 2010.

The report explains: “”We’re obviously pretty excited with what voters decided in Massachusetts,” said Paul LaFlamme, who serves on the board of directors of Grey 2K USA. “By the same token, what’s right in Massachusetts isn’t necessarily right in New Hampshire.”

Grey 2K USA of Somerville, Mass., initiated the ballot question to ban greyhound racing in Massachusetts by 2010. Massachusetts passed the law by voter referendum. In New Hampshire, legislators would have to get onboard with a bill.

Seabrook, Hinsdale and Belmont in New Hampshire have live greyhound racing.

“The Grey 2K group has filed a bill in the past in the Legislature in New Hampshire,” said James Carney, general manager of Yankee Greyhound Inc. in Seabrook. “We defeated the bill last time. We will anticipate we will be facing another challenge in the state.”

Carney defended greyhound racing in New Hampshire by stating:

“The Seabrook track offers greyhound adoption through Retired Greyhounds as Pets on site.”

“Yankee Greyhound Racing is a no-kill racetrack, and we would never put down an animal unless it was inhumane (not to do so),” Carney said. “We have one of the finest greyhound compounds in the United States; we have wonderful facilities.”

LaFlamme said in 2004 he successfully introduced a bill on record-keeping for greyhound injuries at racetracks.

“I don’t think it’s about ending greyhound racing,” said LaFlamme. “It’s about protecting the dogs. We found a significant amount of injury and different things going on at the track to the point I said, this just isn’t right.”

One bill to consider, he said, could be to make sure dog cages are of a minimum standard size large enough for the animals to get exercise.

The dogs are kept in cages for up to 20 hours at a time, said Diane Sullivan, a professor of law with the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Mass., who specializes in animal cruelty.

“I have always felt the whole practice is cruelty to dogs, even though it’s not prosecuted as cruelty,” Sullivan said. “I’m thankful this passed. Many people have asked, will New Hampshire be next? I hope so. Otherwise, people will just go over the border.”

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We wish Grey 2K USA all the best of luck in getting the bill passed, or at least in securing better welfare conditions at the existing tracks.