According to one of the UK’s top and most influential greyhound trainers Otto Kueres, the days of greyhound cruelty and needless killings when their racing career ends, is over!!

In the Liverpool Daily Post today, he is interviewed as saying :

“A lot of people get the wrong idea that the dogs are not looked after when they’ve finished racing but those days are gone now.

“I don’t think anything bad happens to the dogs now. Years ago there were problems, but every dog is registered and a check is kept on where they are.”

The article describes his training kennels as “presenting a picture of canine contentment”.

The article reports: “the man behind a racing dynasty of three generations of the sleek competitors works from a farm in Frodsham.

And he is this week urging people to think about supporting a new drive by the Retired Greyhound Trust for people to adopt former racers as pets.

And he insists that former greyhounds no longer face the ignominious – and tragic – end to their life of years gone by, with his champions testimony to that fact.

Mr Kueres said: “We keep a few retired greyhounds here and find new homes for the others through the Retired Greyhound Trust.”

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Mr Kueres obviously hasnt been reading the news lately and may not have seen recent articles in the Sunday Times about ongoing cruelty to greyhounds. For examlpe the recent exposure of a knackers yard killing and incinerating failed and retired racers for £20 , or one of the UK’s top racing breeders selling non-chasing puppies for viviesection, or the countless number of dogs that have been euthanised after sustaining injuries during races at Yarmouth, Bell Vue and countless other stadia in this year alone.

Please leave comments to Mr Kueres’ article, eductaing the Liverpool Daily Post on the fact that the days of cruelty to greyhounds are far from over, and today is just another day of suffering for tens of thousands of greyhounds all over the world.

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