Greyhounds have gained more backing today for the coveted position of “First Dog” by The Worcester Telegram (USA).

George Barnes writes: Greyhounds, at least in my experience, are among the most thoroughly loving dogs. Both Dumbo and Zeke were good with kids and tended to be pretty clean. Greyhounds are not hypoallergenic, as some people claim, but they do not have an undercoat, so they shed less, and do not affect people with allergies as much.

The bonus for the president is he would be helping solve a problem facing the bluest of blue states — Massachusetts. Owing to the November vote to ban dog racing in the state, greyhounds running professionally here will either be killed, shipped to another track or adopted out, depending on the whim of the owners. If the president-elect is willing to adopt one, it would send a strong message both to the owners and people looking for a pet dog to choose a greyhound.

There are alternatives for the president, but few dogs would represent the Obama administration better than a sleek greyhound.”

Whithout doubt Obama would have a terrific companion for his family and an ambassador for the breed and its welfare issues.

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