The fantastic dog news magazine, K9 Magazine has published some excellent reports recently about greyhounds being injured and subsequently euthanised at UK race tracks.

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Today they made a heart-felt apology for not doing more to raise awareness of cruelty to greyhounds in the past, and are urging their readers to tell them what they can do to help more.

It reads:“We’ve given coverage to the issue but I can’t help feeling we simply haven’t done enough. I have a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that the – now well known – welfare problems associated with greyhounds has almost become ‘background noise’ in a dog world which has a habit of moving from one scandal to another in relatively short order, whilst the suffering of unwanted greyhounds and other running dogs goes on, as ‘normal’.

So this is, I suppose, something of an appeal. I want to know what more we can do.”

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