The British Greyhound Racing Board commissioned a poll this year to find out whether office workers enjoy the Christmas parties arranged by the employers.

The poll revealed that around 70 % of office workers hate going to their Christmas parties, something which the BGRB hope to cash in on by urging businesses to take their employees out for a “night at the dogs” instead of the traditional office bash.

Reuters UK report: “the research, carried out by The British Greyhound Racing Board, concludes that almost 70 percent of workers don’t care about their office Christmas party for the simple reason that they do not want to mix socially with their work colleagues.

The poll of 1,000 British office workers suggested that the biggest problem with the office Christmas bash was that it forces them to socialise with people that they have nothing in common with other than work.

Hemmings (a behavioural physcologist) said that the solution was to identify alternatives to the traditional boozy office get-together.

“Bosses should look at alternative party solutions, ones that create a bonding activity which is fun but avoids personal issues, boredom or embarrassment, and suggest a venue and a social environment in which office hierarchy is not an issue so that people do not feel out of place.”

This is all good news for The British Greyhound Racing Board, who commissioned the poll as part of a promotion encouraging businesses to consider swapping their Christmas office parties for a night out at one of the 28 dog racing stadia around Britain.”

This kind of “punter pulling” is just the kind of thing that campaign group Greyhound Action are fighting against in the latest campagin “Winning Words at Work”, which we posted about Nov 11th (LINK). It is also more evidence that the racing industry is failing fast and desperately catching at straws to keep thier business afloat.

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