Recently it seems that more and more good news for greyhounds is coming out of America.

South Tucson is the next state to take the welfare of greyhounds seriously. On November 4th whilst Massachusetts voters voted for a ban on greyhound racing, Tucson voters voted in favour of Proposition 401 to imporve the lives of racing greyhounds. Greyhound lovers won by 29 votes. Prop 401 doesn’t call for a ban, but simply to instigate new “common sense” rules for improved welfare.

The new legislation ensures that greyhounds are fed higher quality meat (banning the feeding of raw low-grade meat), should have access to free running for 6 hours a day, not be confined to small cages where they cannot even turn around, and to stop the administration of hormones and steriods to females which prevent them coming into season.

The Tucson Citizen explains: “These greyhounds are fed low-quality raw meat – often from dead or sickly farm animals – that can carry salmonella, E. coli and other bacterial illnesses that easily are spread to the human population.

That’s bad not only for the dogs, but also for us. The proposition would require that the meat be a higher grade or cooked first to kill bacteria.

The measure also would prohibit the administration of anabolic steroids to dogs. Testosterone is administered to prevent female greyhounds from going into heat. That is not only bad for the bitches, but also can skew the outcome of the races because the hormone makes dogs more aggressive.

These greyhounds are worked hard, fed poorly and subjected to amateurly administered and counterproductive hormone injections.

But that’s not all. They’re also confined to their small cages, inside windowless buildings, for about 23 hours a day.

Prop. 401 would ensure that they’re let out, to stretch their legs and perhaps socialize in the sunlight, for six hours out of every 24.

The three provisions in Prop. 401 are not remotely radical; they’re common sense.”

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