We reported on Nov 3rd that there was unease at Guam Greyhound Park as the owners attempted to keep the park open by opening a casino inside the venue.

A general election on the island yesterday however voted against such a gambling venue and the owners were told to close thier doors.

Guam PDN reports: “The facility, which has been receiving between 250 and 300 tourists a night, has been failing financially, according to Calvo, who said last night’s dog races would be the last for the 32-year old business.

Guam Greyhound hoped to redevelop into a casino facility, Calvo said, but the defeat of the casino gaming initiative during Tuesday’s General Election means Bridge Capital must close the facility’s doors and look at other options.”

On losing the referendum which would have allowed the casino to go ahead, park owner E. Calvo said:

“I doubt we would be opening a dog race operation,” unless someone else wants to take over the management and risk, Calvo said. “The business has been hurting for a long time. … Now we need to just stop the bleeding and work on a new plan.”

According to Pacific Daily News files, the Greyhound facility in July 1990 averaged more than 800 customers a night. About two-thirds of its customers were tourists.”

Although it is good news that yet another race track has closed down, there are no reports of what will happen to the dogs on this small island after that closure.