The American Chronicle today published an excellent report written by John Ratcliffe of Greyhound Muses. In it Ratcliff describes the welfare problems in the greyhound racing industry in the UK and Ireland and why people in the United States should stop attending greyhound tracks that still operate in 12 states.

The report descirbes: “The greyhound racing industry is in severe decline as the public become aware of the cruelty and death that is an inherent part of it but which has been kept well hidden for decades. As attendances at races fall off and stadiums close down due to financial pressures, the industry is desperately doing all it can to attract new punters. They are advertising in the media and offering all kinds of temptations like free drinks and free race cards, even free meals. They are targeting businesses to get them to have their office parties at a night at the dogs. Stag nights, hen nights, all are valid targets for them. They are also claiming that they have cleaned up their act and the atrocities that have been brought into the open in recent times by the media are not now a part of their business.”

Ratcliffe urges greyhound lovers not to take holidays in states where greyhound racing still exists:

“We will continue to stand in all kinds of weather outside the gates of the racing stadiums until greyhound racing ceases to exist in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We will also support our American friends who are having many successes in getting greyhound racing abolished there too, there are now only 12 states in USA that have live greyhound racing, and the worst by far of these is Florida. Please never support Florida by going there for a holiday. Will you also help us here in England by telling all your friends and colleagues never to support greyhound racing by having a night at the dogs.”

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