When Barack Obama won the American presidency this week he promised his daughters a puppy; and now it turns out that the new “first dog” will be a rescue dog 🙂

“Wee Willie” is a 5 month old greyhound in the care of Hopkington Greyhound Friends, a rescue in Hopkington USA. He is being put forward by his carer Louise Coleman as a candidate for the position.

The Metro West Daily News reports: “Step aside goldendoodle, there’s a new canine making a run at the coveted White House First Dog slot: Wee Willie the greyhound.

“I know it’s a long shot, but nothing ventured, nothing gained,” said the 5-month-old’s caretaker, Director Louise Coleman of Hopkinton’s Greyhound Friends nonprofit adoption agency.”

Yesterday, Coleman made a pitch for Wee Willie, a brindled greyhound who came to her Saddle Hill Road center from Connecticut after his mother accidentally sat on him, ruining his racing prospects
but leaving him intact enough for anyone looking for a pet.

Wee Willie also has another thing going for him, at least in Coleman’s opinion: His substance.

“I just think hounds have a better personality and, for lack of a better word, depth,” Coleman said. “I just think that there’s more to some dogs than others.”

In addition to contacting the media, Coleman is working her contacts as a recent Obama campaign volunteer to bring attention to Wee Willie.”

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We wish Wee Willie all the best of luck in getting his paws in the doors of the White House, what a wonderful boost for greyhound campiagns it would be 🙂