The Daily News Online reports today that the campaign group the Committee to Protect Dogs, who this month successfully ran a campaign to end greyhound racing in Massachusetts, may now be moving their campaign to New Hampshire.

Daily News reports: “According to Carey Theil, executive director of the Committee to Protect Dogs, the Massachusetts based anti-dog-racing group will sit down soon to determine its agenda in New Hampshire’s coming legislative session.

“We’ll be getting together in the next couple of weeks with our board and our two New Hampshire board members to see what they want to do in New Hampshire,” Theil said. “They will decide if they want to bring legislation that further protects dogs or phases out greyhound racing. If the board decides this is not the time to do anything, then we won’t do anything.”

The Committee to Protect Dogs shares the same office in Massachusetts as Grey 2K USA, a nationwide organization that has filed legislation in many states to ban racing, Theil said. Paul LeFlamme, a former Nashua state legislator, and Mike Trombly, a former deputy director of the New Hampshire Para-Mutuel Commission are the two Granite State residents on the board who would be integral in making the decision to take or not take action in state, Theil said.”

As with the Massachusetts campaign, officials in the state are using the excuse that money and jobs will be lost as an excuse not to get greyhound racing banned:

Seabrook officials have historically been against the ban of dog racing in the state. Such a ban would result in a loss of about $165,000 in annual racing fees the race track pays into the town’s scholarship funds, as well as lessen the $141,000 in property taxes the park pays annually.”

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