Campaign group Greyhound Action are about to launch their latest campaign, “Winning Words in the Workplace“, to encourage businesses not to send their employees on “a night at the dogs” at local greyhound tracks.

Thier original campaign “Winnning Words” was aimed at leafleting outside tracks on race nights to educate visitors, Greyhound Action say “Winning Words! has turned out to be a great success and, especially where leafleting/demos have taken place on a regular basis, huge problems have been caused to the racing industry.

Since the campaign began, the track at Coventry Stadium has been driven to the edge of extinction, Wimbledon has suffered big economic problems and Reading and Walthamstow (Britain’s most prestigious track) have closed.

Latest figures from the greyhound racing industry show a 4.1% decline in attendances, despite £millions being spent on advertising, aimed at persuading people to have “a night at the dogs”. Greyhound Action supporters have noticed that a considerable number of people attending greyhound tracks do so as part of social nights out organized by their workplace or sports club.

For this reason, we are keen to launch an extension to the Winning Words! campaign, called Winning Words in the Workplace (WWW).

This wonderful campaign aims to send information packs out to all business in the catchment area of racing tracks in the UK. However, they desperately need vital funds in order to get the packs printed and posted out to make their impact.

You can view the full appeal leaflet here: LINK

Greyhound Action estimate they need at least £3000 to get the campaign off the ground, money which they are hoping can be raised through their supporters and through donations.

For information on how to help with this campaign or to make a donation, please visit their website: