A supporter of the Massachusetts campaign to end greyhound racing wrote into the Sun Chronicle (USA) today to show her support and thanks for the outcome of the voting.

“Beginning over a year ago, I and many hundreds of other volunteers spent many hours in all kinds of weather gathering signatures, handing out flyers and standing at the polls to support the end of greyhound racing with Question 3.

We are volunteers of all ages and walks of life, united by our love of dogs and the desire to see the end of a business that treats dogs as a commodity, confining them in cages barely big enough to stand in for 20 hours a day and discarding them when they can no longer earn their keep. We would not treat our own pets that way and why should the greyhounds be different? In the course of the campaign I met retired greyhounds so sweet and gentle, wonderful calm pets, in spite of the scars on their bodies and some limps. They were good reminders of why we were involved.

It is an inhumane and unkind business. Thanks to all the wonderful people of Massachusetts, kindness and humaneness won the day.”

ASAP hopes that any new campaigns launched by the Comittee to Protect Dogs, will see the same level of success on other states in the future.