A big party to celebrate the sixth birthday of Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester (USA), was held this Sunday to reunite adopters and greyhounds with the group that rescued them, and for a chance for new adopters to find their perfect hound.

Carley Young of Rochester takes a picture of Eileen Henry of Brighton and her greyhounds Rio and Maeve, front, at the Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester's sixth birthday party in Henrietta.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports: “The dozens of greyhound adopters at Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester’s birthday party on Sunday all had their own love stories to tell. There was cake for the people and biscuits for the greys, vendors selling their wares and a special presentation about lives of greyhounds who are still racing.

The party is a chance for the agency’s greyhound families to mingle and to say thank you to them for adopting the ex-racing dogs and volunteering at events, said president and co-founder Brenda Grammatico.

“Some (greyhounds) are put down,” she said. “More and more go to groups like ours, but there are always some that aren’t adopted.”

GAGR, which celebrated its sixth birthday Sunday at the Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester in Henrietta, has adopted out around 512 greyhounds, Grammatico said. The goal of the agency is to connect interested families with greyhounds and to support them after the adoption.

Racing greyhounds spend much of their lives in kennels before adoption so there is an adjustment period when they go home, Grammatico said. The sights and sounds in a regular home — windows, mirrors, small pets and stairs — are foreign to greyhounds and it can take some time for them to adjust.

But those adjustments didn’t seem to be deterrents for the greyhound owners at Sunday’s event. Several said they’d only ever have greyhounds as pets and many, like Wishart, had more than one.

Evelyn Wishart and her husband Richard Wishart adopted another black greyhound, a male named Cruz, a year ago. The Wisharts said they love the calm, gentle demeanor of the breed and the companionship they provide. The dogs, they say, follow them everywhere. Sometimes even to bed. The dogs sneak onto the couple’s bed in the night.”

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