The voters of Massachusetts finally won their fight to ban greyhound racing in their state yesterday. We have been following the story over the last few weeks and are absolutley delighted with the outcome. Lets hope this will be the first of many more states to choose to ban greyhound racing, and who knows maybe one day we will win our fight in the UK and Ireland too.

The Boston Globe reports: “The contentious ballot question passed amid emotional ad campaigns by both sides. Proponents used images of sad-eyed greyhounds that they say are caged inhumanely and raced to injury while opponents put the spotlight on the track employees who would be put out of work if the ballot question passed.

“It’s not fair to the dogs,” said Dulce Fajardo, 41, a Roxbury Democrat who voted for the ballot question. “I love animals. And for me this is something cruel. They can’t defend themselves so we have to do it for them.”

The Committee to Protect Dogs argued that racing dogs are treated inhumanely — kept in cages for most of the day and often injured when they are forced to run for sport. The campaign relied upon data kept by the State Racing Commission since mid-2002 showing injuries to more than 800 greyhounds.

The committee — formed by Grey2K USA, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell Medical Center — spent an estimated $500,000 through Oct. 15, the most recent reporting deadline, campaign finance reports show, and received about $144,000 in in-kind contributions. Activists estimated they had 500 volunteers at the polls today, some of them with their own greyhounds by their sides.

“We had an overwhelmingly positive response, my dog and I,” said Christine Dorchak, the co-chair of the committee who worked the polls with her dog, Zoe. “We’re optimistic that this will, in fact, be the year of the greyhound.””

To read the full Boston Globe report use this LINK

Congratulations Massachusetts greyhounds 🙂