We received news via Greyt Exploitations today, from Balbino Cerro and PRO-GALGO that more than 200 galgos were confiscated by police and Guardia Civil in the gypsy zone of Albacete, and other regions of Spain.

Several police trucks came from Madrid and nearby regions and the operation was in collaboration with Albacete, Cuenca, Toledo and Zamora. 16 people were arrested and all dogs seized.

The raid under way

Police at the raid (from Spanish blog Eco Animal: LINK)

The majority of the galgos are in very poor condition and have wounds and scars. One galgo has had his neck sliced open to remove a microchip and the wound has later been sewn with standard cotton, such as you would use to sew on a button!


Galgos seized at the raid (from Spanish news: LINK)


More galgos in terrible condition; left galgo with badly “sewn” wound (photos from Balbino Cerro)

The raid today continues the work of the Gaurdia Civil on Monday (3rd Nov) when more than 40 people were arrested for dealing in stolen galgos which were being sold on for more than 30,000 Euros each!!

Bass Galgo reports: “The Guardia Civil has arrested 40 people linked to two organizations dedicated to the theft and sale of dogs and other animals. Two operations known as’ Harry ‘and’ Clavijo ‘, developed in 19 provinces and still open, have recovered more than 200 dogs and intervene several arms and very diverse.

They have exposed a business as lucrative as macabre. While the best stolen copies were sold at a  price of gold to hunters and gamblers, the least fit were unceremoniously slaughtered or used to train other dogs to fight. The most valuable specimens were obtained through theft, gambling and illegal sales.

The organization had the complicity of several veterinarians introducing chips on dogs from other legal dogs thet have the documentation in order. Some dogs who were dedicated either to the competition, either for sale on the black market.

The alarms came in Cuenca, Zamora and Segovia. There were systematic theft of hunting dogs, some as striking as that of a dozen champions stolen in Cantimpalos (Segovia), each valued at 18,000 euros.  It was found that while in some cases the animals were abandoned or killed, others ate a very lucrative trafficking issued by the two Castillas, Extremadura, Andalusia, Aragon, Madrid and Murcia”.

For once the Police in Spain have done a great job in taking galgo welfare seriously by confiscating these dogs and making arrests. Campaign groups have been fighting for years to get something done about the terrible welfare of hunting hounds in Spain. We hope this is the first of many raids and the freedom of many galgos.