Greyhound Watch at Action For Greyhounds UK

The K9 Magazine published a report today written by Clive Ellis of Greyhound Watch. The campaign group are calling for a boycott of greyhound racing after a recent number of greyhound deaths due to injuries sustained during races, and the exposure in the Sunday Times this week that knackers yard “Holts” are killing failed and retired greyhounds on the side for £20.

The K0 Magazine report: “Greyhound racing is now marketed as a fun night for all the family to try and halt the industries demise but the image presented is far removed from the reality of this so called sport.For every greyhound that enters racing another will not make the grade and is likely killed. It is the same fate for many dogs that have competed on the track and not all are humanely put-to-sleep by a vet.

The British tracks fuelled the breeding of 23,000 plus greyhounds in 2007 and in excess of 26,000 the previous year (the majority bred in Ireland).

New registrations, however, for greyhounds to compete on tracks that come under the regulation of the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) is about 10,000 annually (9,751 in 2007). Perhaps an additional 10% can be added to the above figure for the independent (flapping) tacks that are minor players in comparison.

Sadly, the desire for only the highest performing animal leads to over breeding, and many greyhounds are simply too slow or fight or will not chase.

The average age for a greyhound to retire from racing is about 3 ½ years after competing in approximately 50 races. Length of career, however, varies greatly and is frequently brought to an abrupt and sometimes horrific end through injury.

Research indicates a five figure number for injuries incurred annually on NGRC tracks, resulting in hundreds of greyhound’s PTS – many solely on economic grounds.

And the notion (perpetuated by industry officials) that racing dogs are lavished with care is, for all but national champions, ludicrous.

The words of the RSPCA provide an insight into their treatment: Greyhounds are “generally kennelled for 23 hours a day for their entire racing life, if not longer, usually two dogs per small kennel, sharing one bed. (And) to avoid fighting in cramped kennels, dogs are muzzled as a long-term solution.”

To end the appalling exploitation and abuse of these beautiful and sensitive dogs, animal protection groups throughout Britain are calling on the public to boycott greyhound racing.”

To read the full report from the K9 Magazine use this LINK