On October 29th we received a Greyhound Watch report that greyhound Bluestone Lane was put down after sustaining an injury during his race on October 22nd (original story). On Friday (31st Oct) we received another report from Greyhound Watch that a second dog Daves Dasher was put to sleep after his race on October 27th.

Greyhound Watch at Action For Greyhounds UK

Greyhound Watch report:“Spectators at the above venue were horrified when, in the ninth race on Wednesday 22nd October, Bluestone Lane ‘brokedown’ and was carried off the track yelping in agony. The beautiful blue male had suffered a severe hind leg fracture and was put-to-sleep by the track vet.

Bluestone Lane was just 30 months old and the third greyhound Ms Cossey has lost through injury.

The following Monday, October 27th, Daves Dasher – a dark brindle male aged only 26 months -sustained a serious fracture of the right foreleg and was put to sleep also.

Trainer Michael Clare said:“He just got his legs tangled up as sometimes they do… It was something of a freak accident. I make no criticism of anybody.” Assistant Racing Manager Marcus Westgate said: “It was just one of those really unfortunate things that happen in this game.”

Mr Westgate also believes the injury rate at Yarmouth to be similar to other tracks and admits “maybe a couple, something like that” lose their life at the stadium every month.

Greyhound Watch, however, believe the true figure to be likely double and nationally that equates to about 1,500 for greyhounds PTS annually following injury on tracks that come under the regulation of the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC). It is a subject that remains one of the most sensitive within greyhound racing and one that industry officials remain very tight-lipped about.

When will the NGRC be forced to publish such figures?, surely such information is needed by the public to make an educated choice as to whether they should be attending greyhound races or not.