This weekend a family of five greyhound puppies and their mother are starting on the long road to recovery and to a new life at the sanctuary of the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group. DAWG described the family’s arrival:

“We had heard about a greyhound breeder who’s pups were in very bad condition. One of our volunteers managed to get five pups four boys and a girl plus there mum from the breeder. The pups are five months old. She brought them to the sanctuary and they were just the picture of sadness. Why are breeders allowed to breed indiscriminately, why aren’t regulations in place. These little pups have suffered. They have suffered because this breeder wanted to make money. He cared very little for their welfare”

The puppies are severely emaciated and appear to have had little exercise or any form of care. The mother is also in very bad condition.

DAWG reports: “The pups were taken out one by one. We were shocked, the pups are so thin, all their bones are visible. Their coat is poor. Some of their teeth are bad. What were they fed, probably bread we think.

Some of the pups look malformed, one looks like a little hunch back, but its probably because they are so thin we can see their bones clearly. Some of the pups are bent over, maybe they were kept in confined conditions. Their nails are very long, its clear that they had little exercise as their muscle tone is so poor. Some of the puppies find it hard to walk.

We have three black male pups and one brindle male pup and our little female is the blue beauty. Some of the pups have cuts on their little bodies.

The pups have a beautiful mum called sabrina. Shes sweet and loves her babies. Sabrina too is thin, we think shes an angel to keep her family alive. We have told her that now she is safe and we’ll help her take care of her pups.

The pups are now safe in the sanctuary. We have to be very careful with their diet as they are so thin. We have begun with a very gentle diet.We hope to find foster homes for the pups so if anyone can help please get in touch. Please keep our puppies in your thoughts and in your prayers. We will take one day at at time with them.We haven’t yet named our pups as we want to pick very special names for them. If anyone has puppy coats they are finished with, we would really appreciate if you could let our pups have them.”

If you can donate anything suitable for the puppies or any to help towards the costs of their ongoing treatment please send items or cheques to:

Milo, Poppy, Fenix, Chip and peanut
C/o Rosemary Warren
Saffron Hill
Co Cork

Tel (+35)086-3457488