At the Ibizan Hound Rescue shelter in Spain rescues podencos, galgos and other Spanish dogs. They see many cruelty cases come through their doors and manage to turn around frightened and emotionally and physically scarred dogs into healthy and happy hounds 🙂

Yesterday one of ther cattery volunteers saw a car pull up near the shelter and turn out a poor abused podenco. Mateo is a lovely red Podenco Andaluz. He severely underweight and has a horrible injury to his tail. The lower half of his tail is bald and there is a bit missing with the bone protruding sad.gif It was hard to get a photo of his tail as, despite what his human friends have done to him, this is a lovely boy who can’t stop wagging his tail now that he has had a good drink and a snack.

To read more about the fantastic work by the Ibizan Hound Rescue or to donate to help poor dogs like Mateo, please see their website: LINK