News alert from campaign group Greyt Exploitations:

The latest evidence of greyhound racing losing support came when Greyhound Action received ‘inside’ information on yet two more dogs being euthanised after sustaining serious injuries whilst racing at Peterborough Stadium.

Glandore Queen, a four year old female and the only survivor of her litter to ‘make the grade’, collapsed after breaking her hock, in what was to be her 86th and last race.

Hanoi Son, a four year old male, smashed his hock during a collision with Old John Henry, a two and half year old male.

Glandore Queen and Hanoi Son were both euthanased by the tack vet on the night of October 18th.

The fate of Old John Henry still hangs in the balance.

This brings the total number of greyhounds injured and euthanased at Peterborough since April this year, to five.

The true figure may be much higher but clearly it is time to demand the enforcement of the APGAW recommendation and those of the RSPCA and League Against Cruel Sports to make greyhound racing injury statistics public-BY LAW!

This report brings an update on events at Peterborough outlined on October 26th.

Run fast greys….…run free at last

Glandore Queen

September 9th 2004 ~ October 18th 2008

Hanoi Son

May 24th 2004 ~ October 18th 2008