News just in from Greyt Exploitations; greyhound trainer Graham Calvert has been jailed for two years for drug and firearm offences after a 5 month gambling spree saw him lose nearly £2m.

Newspaper The Journal reports that “Graham Calvert was caught with an antique handgun, a shotgun and one round of ammunition and a stash of high-purity cocaine when police raided his County Durham home. Greyhound trainer Calvert claimed that he had the weapons for his own protection after a series of attacks by creditors who loaned him money to fund his gambling.”

“Tom Moran, prosecuting, said: “The defendant, it appears, was a success as a greyhound trainer but going hand-in-hand with greyhound training is gambling. “While he appears to have had the Midas Touch with greyhound training, this did not cross over into his gambling. “He was spectacularly unsuccessful as a gambler and would appear to have gambled away jaw-dropping amounts of money.””

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Campaign group Greyt Exploitations also state that: On two separate occasions, within a period of 3 weeks, Methylprednisolone was found in urine samples taken from Calvert’s young two year old greyhound, Tweedale Scott. The NGRC state ‘Methylprednisolone in particular may mask injury and so it is especially important for a greyhound’s welfare that it is fully clear of any treatment before racing because injury may be hidden which may have serious consequences for the welfare of the greyhound.

Regardless, Calvert was allowed to continue to train greyhounds until he was found guilty of falsifying documents. This would have allowed for illegal betting practices and it was only then, did the NGRC deem the offence serious enough to revoke his trainer’s license.”

Evidence that drugs and firearms go hand-in-hand with gambling and greyhound racing was excellently portrayed in the BBC One program Kenyon Confronts in 2001 where presenter Paul Kenyon revealed the dark side of greyhound racing by exposing a world of race fixing and dog doping, including the use of cocaine to speed dogs up. Kenyon infiltrated the greyhound racing world by posing as an owner and trainer in both flapping tracks and the elite NGRC registered tracks . The investigation found a trainer at one of London’s top tracks who fixes races by cheating at time trials, and a man selling drugs, including cocaine, for dogs at tracks throughout northern England.

The program “Gone to the dogs” has been made available on Youtube by campaign group the International Society Against Exploitation of Racing Animals (ISAERA)