Action for Greyhounds UK recently added a two-part BBC2 documentary made in 1993 to their website showing welfare problems in the racing industry at that time. It is striking to note however that these videos are as hard-hitting and accurate today as they ever were in 1993. Has the greyhound racing industry in fact evolved at all since the time these documentaries were made?

Action for Greyhounds UK describe the films:

Using undercover tactics, journalists investigate cruelty in greyhound racing in both the UK and Ireland. All essential aspects of the greyhound racing industry such as over breeding, training with live bait, staggering injury figures, doping, vivisection and export to Spain are brilliantly portrayed in this award winning documentary. Seven people were convicted of animal cruelty as a result of the investigation. Yet the most shocking feature of this daring film is that despite being made 15 years ago it remains as relevant now as it has ever been before.”