Please help in any way you can for two poor lurcher puppies who at only 5 weeks of age have already suffered terrible abuse.

Can you help these brave pups?

The news by the Warrington Gaurdian states:

Warrington Animal Welfare is appealing for big-hearted dog lovers to help a couple of puppies found abandoned in a cardboard box dumped down a secluded dirt track.

The five-week-old lurcher crosses have suffered horrifically in their short lives and, when they were rescued last week, they were riddled with fleas and hook worms, which latch on to animals with their teeth. Since being found, four of the six have died. Janet Thornton, a volunteer for the charity, said: “They were emaciated when we picked them up.”

“The puppies were in a dreadful state. I have never seen animals with such a bad case of worms – they were coming out of the tiny pups’ mouths and bottoms.””

PLease see the “urgent appeals” page for full details. To read the full article use this LINK